Save the Storks Announces Annie Tang Humphrey as New Chief Operating Officer

COO set to bring strategic and data-driven initiatives to the pro-life movement  

Save the Storks is excited to announce it has appointed Annie Tang Humphrey as its new Chief Operating Officer.  She will oversee the organization’s operational and administrative functions and ensure the successful execution of the CEO’s strategic initiatives.  

Prior to joining Save the Storks, Annie cut a distinctive path for herself over a 20-year career as a General Manager at a luxury retail corporation.  

While with the organization she managed multi-million-dollar stores where she used strategic, innovative and data-driven approach to grow the business even during a challenging economic environment.  

Her leadership ability also allowed her to develop top talent that delivered outstanding results and consistently raised the bar for the entire organization. She took time to mentor her staff and considers her greatest career achievement to date the success of the people she led. Despite working for a secular, for-profit organization she saw her workspace as her mission field, always taking time to listen to her staff, share the gospel and lead many to Christ.  

The pro-life movement is at a pivotal moment. The work we do at Save the Storks requires a special kind of person. It requires a deep love for women and their babies. It also requires world-class competence in data management, customer service, and strategic planning. And, of course, as a Christian organization, we also expect our leadership team to have a vital relationship with Christ.  Annie has all of these qualities, and we are delighted to have her on the team,” said Save the Storks CEO Diane Ferraro.  

She plans to bring her experience and innovative thinking to drive brand awareness for Save the Storks and bring more community engagement to pregnancy resource centers. 

“I am so honored to join this innovative organization and help them transform the narrative of the pro-life movement so that women facing unplanned pregnancies are empowered with real options and inspiration,” Annie said.  

She cites her pro-life inspiration from her mom, an immigrant and a single mother.  

“My mom’s faith is unwavering even enduring the darkest times, and she often reminds me that‘faith is best experienced in seasons of struggle.’”