Save the Storks Awards $35,000 in Grants to Pro-Life Start-Ups

Documentary filmmaker and non-profit Verity’s Village receive grants to launch their pro-life initiatives

Save the Storks announced today it is awarding a total of $35,000 in grants to two start-up non-profit organizations. These organizations participated in Save the Storks’ first-ever Pro-Life Innovators Summit held April 16-18 in Colorado Springs, Colo.

This 3-day interactive conference empowered participants to turn their pro-life ministry plan into a reality.

Conference attendees were selected after an extensive application process. They had the opportunity to hear from speakers like Life Training Institute’s Megan Almon and Embrace Grace’s founder and CEO Amy Ford. Participants also received hands-on training from leaders in the pro-life movement on topics like how to set up a 501(c)(3), donor development, grant writing, and individualized planning sessions for their ministry idea.

“We hosted this event because we are committed to cooperation, not competition,” said Save the Storks CEO Diane Ferraro. “We want to actively provide support for other innovative, entrepreneurial people and organizations in the pro-life movement.”  

The weekend ended with a Shark Tank-like pitch session where each attendee presented their pro-life non-profit concept to a panel of judges.

The winner of the $25,000 grant is Tracy Robinson of San Diego, Calif. She is the director and producer of The Matter of Life documentary. Robinson created the film to be used as an educational tool for churches. With the grant money, she will work toward creating a storytelling nonprofit that will produce new and relevant pro-life content every year.

The Matter of Life is honored to receive this $25,000 prize from Save the Storks,” Robinson said. “The funds will go toward our next film project in order to reach more hearts and minds to save unborn lives.”

The second grant of $10,000 was awarded to Beverly Jacobson, founder of Verity’s Village. Verity’s Village was inspired by Jacobson’s ninth baby, Verity, who was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 when in the womb. Verity’s Village provides support, education, and care packages to families who receive a life-limiting diagnosis for their baby.

“I can’t fully express my joy and gratitude for this generous gift,” Jacobson said. “It represents so much to me–first and foremost, validation that God truly is calling us at this time to step forward in faith to establish Verity’s Village in an official capacity. The need in this community is so great. Having access to Save the Storks’ resources and expertise means Verity’s Village will be able to help more people sooner rather than later.”

“The Pro-life Innovators Summit was a place where attendees could not only network and bounce ideas off of the speakers but also each other,” said Sheila Cook, Save the Storks Events Manager, and the conference organizer. “Everyone in attendance was brainstorming how to bring excellence to their pro-life non-profit and create actionable steps to bring their idea to fruition. It was inspiring to see unity among the pro-life attendees and speakers as they collaborated to propel the pro-life movement forward in a positive and effective way.”

Other participants and ministry ideas included: 

Brandon and Jessie Wortham, Elizabeth’s House

The goal for their ministry is to eradicate abortion in the Pikes Peak region of Colorado, through mentor-based life training. They will help place women facing an unplanned pregnancy in a safe family environment while they learn important life and parenting skills.

Ariana Reid, The Power of Choice

The Power of Choice will help educate teenagers on how to make informed and healthy relationship, sex, and pregnancy choices through the arts. The goal is to see young people make a commitment to choosing life and advocating for life in the womb.

Madeline Hite, Vivendi Family Match 

There is a need for comprehensive, safe, efficient and economical adoptions. Vivendi Family Match will work to bridge the gap between women facing an unplanned pregnancy and families who want to adopt by absorbing the costs that would normally be the burden of the adoptive family.

Cindi Kightlinger, Gideon’s Place  

Gideon’s Place is a Neonatal Withdrawal Center (NAS). The mission of Gideon’s Place is to provide quality, holistic medical care to infants suffering from NAS while providing life skills and parental training for mothers and caregivers.


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