We Couldn’t Imagine Our Lives Without Her

One couple’s journey from planning for abortion to a choice for life.

Stacy* started to panic as she watched her home pregnancy test confirm her fears: she was pregnant.  

“We can’t have this baby,” her husband, Mark*, said.  

They had an older son who was ready to leave for college, had both lost their jobs because of Covid and had no health insurance.  

“How can we afford a baby?” Stacy questioned.  

Stacy felt relieved when her husband expressed the same concerns she was having. She was early enough in her pregnancy that she felt she could justify an abortion. 

“We have no other choice,” she thought.  

Stacy searched online for a pregnancy center where she could get a free ultrasound. She came across Amnion Pregnancy Center in Drexel Hill, Penn. Nervously, she arrived for her appointment the next day. She discussed her situation with the nurse, Janet*, and explained that she and her husband had decided to have an abortion.  

She laid on the exam table and watched as Janet began her ultrasound.  

The moments of silence before the screen lights up with the ultrasound can be simultaneously nerve-wracking and exciting. Stacy was nervous as she watched the screen.  

She cried as she saw her 21-week baby move around.  

“How do you feel after seeing the ultrasound?” Janet asked. 

“I’m having a baby,” Stacy said through tears.  

But she was still unsure of her decision. The nurse provided her with a letter of pregnancy verification. The clinic also gave her the resources she needed to apply for insurance.  

Stacy met with Anna*, a counselor at Amnion, who listened intently while Stacy shared her concerns. Anna provided Stacy with the resources she needed to ease the financial and emotional stress of having another baby. She was able to see that she did have other options outside of abortion.  

“How is Mark going to feel about my choice?” Stacy thought as she finished her appointment.  

When she arrived home and told Mark about her decision, he was not initially on board. Stacy showed him the ultrasound image and told him how she felt.  

Mark eventually changed his mind, and they were back on the same page. Stacy and Mark’s children and family were excited and welcomed the idea of a new baby with open arms. Their oldest son offered his room for the baby room since he would be leaving for college.  

Stacy continued to meet with Anna and joined the center’s Earn While You Learn program, designed for parents and expecting parents that offers lessons in parenting, pregnancy, childbirth, and Bible Studies. Clients can earn “money” to exchange for baby and toddler items in the center boutique.  

Stacy was given a safe space to prepare her for motherhood again.  

In June of 2021, Stacy gave birth to her beautiful baby girl.  

“My family and I couldn’t be happier and couldn’t imagine our lives without her,” Stacy said. 

Anna keeps in touch with Stacy and her family. They are adjusting well at home and will continue with Amnion’s Earn While You Learn program in the coming weeks.  

Amnion Pregnancy Center is currently part of Save the Storks’ National Partner Program. The National Partner Program is a program designed to help pro-life ministries and pregnancy centers grow and reach more women. They receive free training in marketing, fundraising, leadership, client services, mobile ministry, and networking.  


*All names are representational