Stork Bus Deliveries for 2022

The Stork Bus is a revolutionary mobile medical unit and Save the Storks’ mission provider since 2012. This state-of-the-art bus provides women free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STI testing, and unbridled support from a licensed medical professional. Our record for Stork Bus deliveries has since been 10 in a year, but THIS year, we broke that record!

Thanks to your generous donations, so far this year we’ve built and delivered 18 new Stork Buses! With 9 more buses waiting to be finished and delivered, we will end 2022 with 27 Stork Buses built in a single year and 90 Stork Buses in total in 30 different states!  


Let’s take a look at all the Stork Buses that made it to their homes so far this year!  

Bus #65 (Millie) – Delivered February 15th to Albemarle PRC & Clinic, Elizabeth City, NC  

Bus #65 (Nancy) – Delivered February 22nd to Alpha Pregnancy Clinics, Vacaville CA 

Bus #66 – 7 Hills Church

We delivered our 66th Stork Bus to 7 Hills Church in Florence, Kentucky on April 13th! This new mobile clinic has allowed 7 Hills Church to take their ministry to cities in the Kentucky Northern Ohio River region. The 7 Hills Stork Bus model is one of the newest Stork Bus layout options. 

Bus #67 (Vincent) – Delivered on May 9th to CareNet Pregnancy Centers NCW, Omak WA 

 Bus #68 – Delivered on May 11th to Hope Women’s Resource Clinic, Beaumont TX 

Bus #69 (Nan) – Delivered on May 3rd to Carolina Pregnancy Center, Spartanburg NC  

Bus #70 – Ruby Marie

We delivered our 70th Stork Bus on May 18th to Triad Coalition for Life in Greensboro, North Carolina. One of our generous donors, Brenda, shares an amazing story as to why they decided to name this Stork Bus Ruby Marie. Read it here.  

Bus #71 (Michael) – Delivered on June 6th to McAllen Pregnancy Center, McAllen TX 

Bus #72 (Graham) – Delivered on June 9th to TruChoice, San Marcos TX  

Bus #73 (Cookie) – Delivered on June 14th to Choices Clinics, Brandon FL  

Bus #74 (Gabriel Jensen) – Delivered on June 28th to Women’s Resource Center, Crawfordsville, IN  

Bus #75 – Ginny

When our partner in Drexel, North Carolina, Pregnancy Center of Burke County received their medical mobile unit, Executive Director, Miranda, had the BEST reaction: “This is better than our center!” 

Bus #76 (Isabel) – Delivered on July 5th to New Hope Family Services, Syracuse NY  

Bus #77 (Hope) – Delivered on August 15th to Hands of Hope, Tucson AZ, the center decided to name their mobile medical unit “Hope” to follow their amazing tag line, “Hope is coming.”  

 Bus #78 (Hope) – We made our way out of continental USA to ALASKA! Stork Bus #78 was delivered on the 16th of August and made an appearance at the Alaskan State Fair. This Stork Bus (also named Hope) finds its home at the Heart Reach Center, Wasilia, Alaska and is “Christ’s Hands of compassion to those facing unplanned pregnancy and parenting decisions by offering HOPE, affirming life, and speaking truth.” 

Bus #79 (Laura) – Delivered to Aspire in Burlington, Vermont on August 25th, is crucial to the area as Vermont: one of the top abortion-leaning states in the country. The bus’s name is Laura after the center’s nurse who had an unplanned pregnancy and upon visiting the center and seeing the ultrasound, chose life! After graduating, she went out to serve and was assigned to the same PRC that helped her choose life: Aspire! 

Bus #80 (Dominic Savio) – Stork Bus #80 made its way to its new home at Several Sources Shelters in Englewood, New Jersey on September 21st! The bus’s name is Dominic Savio after the patron saint of at-risk youth. This is the center’s second Stork Bus. 

Bus #81 – Rick

Stork Bus #81 found its new home at CareNet of Redding, California last October 7th! The first public appearance for the bus was the center’s big walk event on October 22. This Stork Bus is named Rick after a Stork Ball donor’s late husband who had Save the Storks in his will and tragically died of a car accident. 

Bus #82 (Tina) – Delivered on October 18th to Open Arms in Cambridge, Ohio.

Bus # 83 (Kristin) – Bus #83 was delivered to Bright Hope Pregnancy Support in Allentown PA on October 25th. The executive director from Bright Hope commented that he and his wife have only had sons, but if they had had a daughter, they would have named her “Kristin.”

Launch a Stork Bus in your city!  

Here are the steps to get started: 

Step 1: Contact your local pregnancy resource center and see if they have a desire to reach more abortion-vulnerable women in your area.  

Step 2: Direct them to the Save the Storks Partner Program to learn more. (  

Step 3: Be ready to champion their efforts to grow, which could include fundraising for a mobile medical unit! 

Making an Impact 

 4 out of 5 women who step onto a Stork Bus choose life. The reality of lives being saved affirms that the Stork Bus indeed makes a difference! We view Stork Buses as a modern-day vessel of divine deliverance like that of Moses in the Bible. With every ultrasound, we introduce women to the hope living inside of them and the support that is around them. We connect with local pregnancy resource centers to expand this purpose and God’s ultimate plan to bring more life into the world.   

Save the Storks’ mission is to create a story of hope and empowerment for every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. With the Stork Bus, we get to deliver this story of hope to them.