Post-Abortive Care: Healing After an Abortion

“The abuse I suffered as a child, the terrible choices I had made. I felt like a rosebud in hiding, that never blossomed.”

Save the Storks connected with one woman that we will call Abigail about her road to healing after an abortion.

“I always regretted it. It was from the beginning a devastating choice. For a long time, I justified it by saying I had to take care of the children I already had.”

But after she reached out to a Pregnancy Health Clinic for help, “I was able to express my love for my lost children… and realize that my abortion sin was enormously terrible, but that Jesus was powerful enough to forgive even that, and to bring forth new life and hope in my soul.”

Healing After an Abortion

Save the Storks is committed to helping men and women find healing and restoration after an abortion. As part of that mission, we partner with Pregnancy Health Clinics across the country that have the resources to provide supportive, non-judgmental care.

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There are many, many resources for women and men that aid in recovery after an abortion. Some of those resources include individual counseling, eight-week healing, scripture study programs, and weekend retreats.

Abigail shared, “I had a vision prior where I saw a lot of blood in the toilet, and it shook me up. However, I did not want to have another child without a father being there.”

Abigail said she was already supporting three children and working multiple jobs to care for them. She didn’t know how to provide for another baby. When she went to get an abortion, Abigail remembers that the doctor asked, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

It is common for individuals to feel like they have no choice when it comes to abortion. Later they feel depression, guilt, and hopelessness, and their relationships are shaken.

Post-Abortive Care: Rachel’s Vineyard

Abigail knew that she needed help and reached out to a Pregnancy Health Clinic to get started on her healing journey. They recommended a weekend retreat, “At first, going to the retreat felt like going to a court hearing, but all the exercises were beautiful! I loved the blanket with the medal on it. I immediately felt hugged by God’s goodness. Something to cling to during this time of facing the consequences of my decision head on.

“I was certain that I must be the worst sinner in the room. It also had to deal with the cloud of self-hatred that enveloped me after the abortion, wanting to punish myself, undeserving of forgiveness, fearing a future in hell. I was glad to give that rock to Jesus and trust in his love for me.”

Pregnancy Health Clinics’ Post-Abortive Recovery Programs

Pregnancy Health Clinics help empower women with the resources and support they need to find healing. Save the Storks also spoke with the Director Debra Tous of Horizon Pregnancy Clinic, to hear directly from an organization that provides post-abortive care.

“The witness of women and men that have been through it (the recovery process) is incredible and moving. You can literally see it in their physical appearance– a light that shines through them after they go through the recovery.”

“The hardest part of the process is reaching these men and women and getting them to come to these resources… And we’ve been finding that many of these men and women ask, ‘do you have anything to help with the emotional stress?’”

Director Tous says in answer to that question that, “They need to be loved on and know they’re not alone. So we have a quite extensive post-abortion recovery list that we provide to people… we try to offer as many options as we can.”

To Others that Need Healing After An Abortion

If you or someone that you know needs help and healing after an abortion, then please reach out to Save the Storks or a Pregnancy Health Clinic near you. Healing and restoration are a journey, but there are resources and hope for you or someone that you care about.

“You are not alone. Many other women are suffering with you, many for many, many years,” Abigail shared. “But God can also break through any situation, any sin, any difficulty. I would say to never give up. Never think you are all alone in this, there are many people and places willing to help.”

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