Pregnant at 19: Emily’s Unplanned Pregnancy Story

Facing Teenage Pregnancy

Emily was pregnant at 19 years old when she first came to Hope Center in Corsicana, Texas. She was looking for confirmation of pregnancy and estimated gestational age to finalize her abortion appointment in Kansas.

Although Emily had plans to abort, she entered the women’s health clinic in deep conflict over the decision she needed to make. She had always dreamed of being a mom, but the fears she had made her choice feel limited to abortion.

Firstly, her fiancé was adamantly against having children. He looked at the unexpected pregnancy through the lens of his past. Her fiance grew up in a harsh household, mostly on his own, with a mother who worked nonstop to support herself and a father who was incarcerated for 14 years. He never had a model for being a father, and his fears told him he couldn’t learn.

Fear of Abortion Trauma

Although Emily felt abortion was her only choice, she was terrified to go through with it. She shared with the nurses and advocates at Hope Center Corsicana that she had watched her mother undergo an abortion in 2021 and nearly die due to blood loss and incomplete abortion complications.

In addition, Emily shared that she had a “very religious” extended family who would judge her both for having a baby out of wedlock and for choosing abortion. She felt she was in a no-win situation. Like Emily, many women facing unplanned pregnancies feel trapped by fear and failure. But this is before they enter a women’s health clinic and learn how their perspective can shift with the support they need.

Every women’s health clinic has amazing staff and volunteers. If you ever get to visit one, ask each person why they chose to work there. Behind each staff member and volunteer is a story of inspiration that puts meaning to their life-saving work.

The First Ultrasound

Emily brought her fiancé to the ultrasound appointment. They both seemed nervous and timid as they entered the ultrasound room, but then, as their ultrasound revealed the truth, they saw their situation for what it was. The thing they had been terrified to face, this problem they feared, was the wiggly little baby on the screen. Suddenly, the nerves they came in which transformed into joy on their faces.

At the sound of the heartbeat, her fiancé softened as he whispered, “I hear it! That’s our baby!” Emily and her fiancé didn’t share many more words, but they left hand in hand, their faces elated.

The clinic offered to rescan Emily again in two weeks as she waited for her insurance coverage. As Emily received her second ultrasound scan and saw her baby again, she shared that her fiancé had warmed to the idea, and they decided to cancel the abortion appointment in Kansas.

Afterward, the clinic’s staff spoke with Emily at length about their services and shared with her about the parenting education classes and their Licensed Professional Counselor, who would be glad to meet with them both.

Unplanned Pregnancy: An Unexpected Gift

Women’s clinics often keep in contact with women they serve during and after their pregnancy. When Hope Center contacted Emily to offer encouragement, she told them she had an appointment with her OB and couldn’t wait to see her baby again.

Later, after a scheduling mishap that postponed Emily’s OB appointment until the next month, she contacted the staff she trusted at the women’s health clinic. Emily asked if she could have another ultrasound, and the clinic happily obliged. Emily and her fiancé arrived just a few hours later. They were excited to see the powerful image of their baby through the ultrasound again. As they looked at the screen, they had clearly fallen in love with their baby.

Emily and her fiancé shared that they had told their families the news and received much more love and support than expected. They were so excited to be moving forward as a family. Before leaving, they paused at the reception window to show off all the pictures they had gotten from the ultrasound. The father proudly showed the images and said, “Look at my baby! This wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for y’all! You have no idea! Thank you!”

They turned to leave, but not before the father turned to show his brand new shirt… it had a picture of Yoda on it, and said, “Yoda best dad!” He had received it from Emily as a gift for Father’s Day…he was sure to tell the clinic that there would be many more corny dad shirts in his future, and he couldn’t wait!

More Stories of Hope

Stories like Emily’s show the difference a women’s health clinic can make. Save the Storks partners with the women’s health clinic that made Emily’s story possible and countless others. If you are like Emily’s fiance and face fear of becoming a dad, you can check out our Dare to Be a Dad ebook by Matt Hammit. These clinics and our mobile medical clinics change stories of fear into stories of hope.



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