Danielle’s Story: Choosing Life for Her Twins

When Danielle discovered she was pregnant, she felt like there was no way she could have a baby. The weight of her financial struggles and the uncertainty of her living situation led her to believe that abortion was the best option.

When she broke the news to her longtime boyfriend, Tyler, he agreed to take her to an abortion clinic. Abortion isn’t legal in Danielle’s state, so she and Tyler embarked on a four-hour drive to the nearest abortion center.

At the end of their drive, hope intervened in the form of a Stork Bus. As they approached the abortion facility, Danielle’s attention was drawn to the Save the Storks’ Mobile Medical Clinic parked outside. Instead of going to the abortion center, Danielle decided to board the Mobile Medical Clinic and give life a chance. Stepping onto the Mobile Medical Clinic, Danielle encountered the warm and supportive environment Mosaic Health’s incredible staff provided. What awaited her inside the bus was a life-changing experience – the chance to see and hear the heartbeats of not just one but two precious lives. Danielle and Tyler found out they were having TWINS!

Choosing life for her twins

The support found inside a Mobile Medical Clinic led to Danielle choosing life! The support didn’t end there; the staff continued to walk alongside Danielle. The Pregnancy Health Center connected her with a local Embrace Grace group, offering ongoing support and organizing a baby shower to celebrate her twins. The generosity continued as multiple churches joined to support the couple, with one anonymous donor giving Tyler and Danielle a car.

When our COO, Annie Humphrey, heard Danielle and Tyler’s inspiring story, she couldn’t help but get involved. Annie helped Tyler coordinate a surprise proposal for Danielle, and… SHE SAID YES!

What makes a Mobile Medical Clinic different from other options?

Save the Storks is building Mobile Medical Clinics with women like Danielle in mind. We can only reach women on the edge of choosing life and create more stories of hope because of how we design our clinics and how they function. To ensure every woman who boards a Mobile Medical Clinic feels her worth and value, we adhere to the highest standards of excellence and prioritize medical professional care.

Our goal is to empower each mother to make a life-affirming decision without compromising the quality of care or experience. The Mobile Team at Save the Storks commits to designing state-of-the-art Mobile Medical Clinics where women can receive free services without feeling they deserve anything less than the best. It’s about making a difference in every woman’s life, ensuring she knows she deserves excellence, regardless of her financial situation.

Mosaic staff member in the Mobile Medical Clinic

“The attention to detail and quality of products Save the Storks is designed to make sure that every woman who boards a Stork Bus immediately feels her worth and value by the design of the Stork Bus, and she is empowered to make a life-affirming decision. So, we are designing top-of-the-line quality Mobile Medical Clinics where women can get free services without compromising the quality of the experience or care.” – Nikki Chamblee, Director of Mobile Operations

What are the associated costs?

When it comes to the cost, it’s crucial to understand the specialty vehicle industry’s unique demands. The Mobile Medical Clinic’s cost may seem high compared to familiar vehicles, but it aligns with industry standards. Save the Storks has created top-tier Mobile Medical Clinics without compromising quality or inflating costs. The cost of each bus is not solely for the design and functionality; it ensures each bus is fully staffed and receives maintenance every year. When viewed within the industry context, the Mobile Medical Clinic’s cost is considered low in the specialty vehicle industry.

Want to be a part of building the next Mobile Medical Clinic?

With a one-time or monthly donation, you can help us support Pregnancy Health Centers to build more life-saving vehicles like the one Danielle encountered.

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