Marketing Generalist and Project Coordinator

Marketing Generalist and Project Coordinator

Department: Awareness/Marketing
Reports To: Sr. Marketing Manager
Category: Full-time, Salary (Exempt)
Location: In Office/Colorado Springs OR Remote

About Save the Storks:

Save the Storks is a nonprofit team of experts working across the United States. We have 34 employees, 700 volunteers, and thousands of supporters who believe in our work.

The United States has lost over 65 million pre-born children since 1973, and until we recognize that a baby in the womb is a human being, millions more will not have the opportunity to live. It is only when we recognize that a woman in an unintended pregnancy deserves equal access to motherhood, just as a woman does with a planned pregnancy, that our society can be family centric once again. We believe that families serve as vital indicators of the overall health and well-being of a society, acting as the foundational building blocks that shape the social fabric. The strength, stability, and functionality of families reflect the broader dynamics within a community. Health families provide emotional support, nurturing environments, and a sense of belonging, fostering the development of individuals who are better equipped to contribute positively to society.

Save the Storks believes that both the mother and the father of a baby deserve to have a voice, and that the community and local church must step up to provide love, compassion, and meaningful resources to single parents and couples who need extra support during the pregnancy and after the baby is born.

Thank you for embarking on this life-saving journey with us!

Job Summary:

The Marketing Generalist and Project Coordinator oversees project tasks for the marketing team, ensuring efficient communication and task management. This includes coordinating with analysts and finance for data continuity and managing external partners for marketing materials. They will handle PR inquiries, collaborate on press releases, and maintain contacts for media outreach. Additionally, they will assist with a broad range of tasks, including content creation, event support, and digital content creation for social media platforms.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Project Coordination:

  • Leads project coordination and management for the marketing team, including but not limited to: Sprint management, communication flow between departments and stakeholders, follow-ups, and inputting tasks in a timely manner into a project management system.
  • Ensure seamless data compilation and continuity by coordinating with analyst(s) and finance team, and maintaining information in a readily accessible online file.
  • Update a variety of items, encompassing websites, 3rd party sites, internal files, online cloud storage, etc., while ensuring team adherence to correct naming conventions.

Branding & PR:

  • Responds to PR inquiries and addresses urgent PR needs by partnering with the appropriate parties.
  • Supports public relations efforts, including but not limited to identifying potential news stories, collaborating with writers on press releases, establishing and maintaining an updated contact list of key reporters, producers, and news desks in the U.S. and major markets.
  • Assists in the creation, writing, and proofreading for email, blogs, press releases, advertisements, social media, and other necessary projects.
  • Identifies on-brand content such as photos and videos and undertakes the responsibility of editing and tagging them for the STS content library to ensure their organized storage and accessibility for future use.
  • Actively engage in calling/emailing contacts to pitch stories.

Marketing Generalist:

  • Coordinates various marketing fulfillment duties with external design consults, print vendors, and shipping companies for direct mail, packages, letters, catalogs, and other sales literature.
  • Assists in executing marketing strategies and objectives.
  • Assists with event items related to marketing as needed.
  • Assists with digital content creation for social media platforms.

Other tasks assigned as necessary.

Desired Qualifications:

  • 1-3 years of demonstrated experience in marketing and/or project management.
  • Demonstrated experience in digital marketing.
  • Proficiency is Microsoft Office products and software.
  • Data analytics experience is a plus.
  • Project management certification is a plus.
  • Strong social media engagement is a plus.

Physical and Other Requirements:

  • Prolonged periods of sitting at a desk and working on a computer
  • Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds at times
  • Travel required up to 5% of the year

To Apply For This Position

Due to the high volume of applications we are receiving, we will only be contacting candidates we are interested in pursuing. Please do not contact the Save the Storks office to follow up with your application unless we contact you first.