Time Management for Moms Pursuing Their Passions

By Charlotte Pence Bond Many mothers or future mothers worry that once they have children, they will not only lose parts of themselves but will not have the time to invest in their interests. They may believe their time will be shorter than before they had kids. Or they won’t have as many minutes in […]

Motherhood Changes You, But You Are Still You

By Charlotte Pence Bond In the summer of 2022, I signed up to complete an Olympic Triathlon. A few months into my training, I found out that I was pregnant. I was overjoyed at the news, but it presented a question as to whether I would still be able to do the race. I decided […]

Moms Are Struggling with Their Mental Health…Here’s Why.

Mental Health. It seems like a hot topic right now, right? Everywhere you look, you’ll find a celebrity speaking out about their mental health struggles. A mom friend is on your timeline talking about her maternal mental health journey. There are even teens in high school who are struggling in the aftermath of online school. […]