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Why a Mobile Medical Unit in Colorado?

  • With abortion bans going into effect across the nation, women are coming to Colorado from all over the nation for abortions at all stages of pregnancy.
  • University of Colorado Medical School now has a “complex family planning” fellowship that provides abortion training
  • There are “women’s health clinics” signing leases for office space in Colorado. These clinics are stating that they’ll provide the abortion pill and surgical abortions. Reports are that the leases are being signed as DBAs and getting approvals without the cities knowing they are going to open as abortion clinics
  • LeRoy Carhart, the infamous late-term abortionist (he provides abortions up to birth, costing as much as $20k per abortion!) recently opened a late-term abortion clinic in Pueblo, making this Colorado’s SECOND late-term abortion clinic.
  • Planned Parenthood is reportedly going to have an “abortion van” at or near Denver International airport.
  • Save the Storks HQ had a bomb threat, Jane’s Revenge protestors outside our office and has been threatened in social media posts, showcasing how intense the fight for life in Colorado is right now.

“ When I saw his little heartbeat, I remember laying there just crying, and at that point, thinking I can’t do this, I cannot have an abortion. ”



“ The work that Save the Storks does on a daily basis is truly transformative and life-saving… Their meaningful partnerships have empowered many women to choose life for their babies. When a woman boards a Stork Bus, she is cared for with compassion and love… Save the Storks is unique in their mission, and they truly approach the pro-life mission with excellence and kindness in all they do. “

David Fonseca


“ In a world that’s so easy to be known for what you’re against, Save the Storks has given us a better way. We can be known for what we’re for, not what we’re against! We can proclaim the solution and offer real support to abortion-vulnerable women who need to know that they’re not alone. ”

Pastor Marcus Mecum



Save the Storks goal is to raise $529,000 to launch a Stork Bus in Colorado. This will allow us to own and operate a mobile medical unit in Colorado and fully staff it for the first year. This medical unit will travel to the state borders and intercept women who drive to Colorado for “abortion tourism,” as well as serve at Denver International Airport and in Denver, Boulder, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Fort Collins near abortion clinics and college campuses. We will also operate during hours when pregnancy centers are closed, but abortions are scheduled to take place.