Innovators Summit 2024

Transforming visionary ideas into impactful solutions.
April 5-7, 2024
The Antlers, A Wyndham Hotel
Colorado Springs Colorado
Applications Are Now Closed


A transformative non-profit accelerator designed to invest in individuals with a deep passion and unwavering drive to start their own nonprofit organizations that find innovative solutions to support families. By providing a comprehensive accelerator program, we empower these individuals to transform their visions into tangible realities.

The Innovator’s Summit is a three-day conference in Colorado Springs, CO where participants get practical application of the principles they have been working on in the Innovators Pre-Summit Program. The weekend ends with a Shark Tank-like pitch session where each participant presents their non-profit concept to a Review Board. One attendee is then selected to receive a $10,000 grant to start their organization and a partnership with Save the Storks.


We are dedicated to enriching aspiring change makers with sound and effective business practices and providing them with essential resources to build sustainable organizations that will create a lasting impact on lives – and lift up families – for generations.

Our program’s core objectives are to activate participants’ entrepreneurial spirit, inspire creative solutions, encourage collaboration, foster excellence, support their journey, and equip them with the tools and knowledge necessary to develop sustainable and scalable non-profits.

We believe, together, we can create a more supportive, inclusive, and thriving environment for families to flourish.


The Antlers, A Wyndham Hotel*
4 S Cascade Ave
Colorado Springs, Co 80903

*Although the event is free, hotel costs will not be covered by Save the Storks. We do have a group rate at The Antlers, A Wyndham Hotel if you are accepted into the conference.

Program Requirements
For those accepted there will be pre-requisites required before attending the Summit. We will offer resources to help complete them and will send more information once candidates are accepted into the program.

Past Grant Winners


Leap Personal Finance

Caitlyn Kano and Jenny Ibarra decided to join efforts to become Leap Personal Finance, a financial wellness program designed specifically for those experiencing unexpected pregnancies. In addition to a customized curriculum, Leap will utilize evidence-based interventions such as coaching to encourage long term knowledge application and healthy financial behavior change.

“After coming up with the plan for Leap, we reached out to organizations who are already in this field to assess the need for this type of program. Save the Storks’ team members were incredibly helpful and offered remarkable insight. We could tell they valued collaboration and they truly wanted to help other organizations create a story of hope and empowerment for those facing unplanned pregnancies. Their energy and enthusiasm are contagious!” – Caitlyn Kano, Co-Founder of Leap Personal Finance


Bluebird Bus of Hope

Bluebird Bus of Hope exists to bridge the gap between services and the community in the most accessible way, while revolutionizing the community’s value on life.
“This grant is confirmation that my vision and passion is real and tangible! It empowers not just me, but everyone who shares the same passion for life. If you go after those big out of the box ideas no matter how hard the journey may be, it’s worth it! I am extremely blessed for the support and community from Save The Storks that goes well beyond this grant.” – Polly Camery, Founder of Bluebird Bus of Hope


Laura’s Loft

“Being a recipient of the Pro-Life Innovation Grant will allow me to jumpstart vital holistic and sustainable services that are needed now in the Black community! The grant gives me the opportunity to accomplish my dream of regenerating the Black family unit against abortion one unplanned pregnancy at a time.” – Amber Churn, founder of Laura’s Loft



The Matter of Life

The Matter of Life is an award winning pro-life documentary that that unravels the complexities of the abortion issue through science, philosophy, history and powerful personal testimonies. It educates and inspires people to actively end abortion in their local communities, churches, and governments. 

Verity’s Village

Verity’s Village is changing the narrative surrounding genetic anomalies from HEARTACHE to HOPE.
Verity’s Village provides support for families who receive a life-limiting diagnosis for their babies. Their private support group lets you ask questions and connect with others going through a similar journey so that you don’t feel so alone.