Reimagining Pro-Life

30 Day Devotional

Welcome to Reimagining Pro-Life: 30 Days with Save the Storks! Throughout Scripture, knowing God and caring for the vulnerable are interconnected. Yet often in our culture, this connection is lost and we are discouraged from speaking up for the unborn because we view the issue through the lens of politics, anger, or shame. Over the next 30 days, you’re invited into a journey to rediscover this connection in a new way through Reimagining Pro-Life. Join us as we engage with the millions affected by abortion from a new framework, one of love, compassion, and action.

This devotional is a collaborative effort of Save the Storks and Heartwork™. Your daily experience will be divided into two sections, Heart and Work.

Heart. This consists of daily scripture, inspiring devotionals, and real-life stories. There are also several videos throughout the 30 days that further the ideas presented in the devotional. All of those videos can be viewed here, by clicking on the appropriate week’s link.

Work. The work section is where we live it out, and connect our love for God with compassion for his people. This includes weekly and daily empathy challenges, journal prompts, and prayer guides for us to engage with the ideas on a deeper level.

Connect! The Reimagining Pro-Life devotional can also be found on the YouVersion Bible App under “plans” if you or your family would like to read along on a device. If this plan has made an impact on you or your family, please let us know on social media or by emailing us at