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Abortion Pill Risks Every Woman Should Know

The abortion industry is rapidly switching to chemical abortion, also known as the abortion pill. While many women might think this is a safer, more convenient method than a surgical procedure, there are still significant abortion pill risks that aren’t often considered. Telemedicine is quickly growing (70% of doctors provided videoconferencing in 2020 compared to […]

Abortion By Mail

Supreme Court rules in favor of allowing abortion pill access without seeing a doctor during coronavirus pandemic   By Brittany Smith  On Oct. 8, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of continuing to allow abortion pill access by mail during the coronavirus pandemic.   Since 2000, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandated that patients taking Mifeprex, also […]

Can an abortion be stopped?

An interview with Dr. Matt Harrison, inventor of the Abortion Pill Reversal By Victoria Robinson Dr. Matt Harrison is a Family Practitioner in North Carolina.  In 2006, he and his colleagues pioneered a medical breakthrough known as the Abortion Pill Reversal. Currently, women in the United States who want an abortion in the first 10 […]

New Law Mandates California Universities to Hand Out the Abortion Pill

Save the Storks and California Pregnancy Resource Center Partners offer other options for pregnant and parenting students  Save The Storks and other pro-life ministries are springing into action in response to a new California law that will put abortion pills in the hands of the state’s college students. Gov. Gavin Newsom recently signed Senate Bill […]

3 Reasons the Abortion Pill Really Isn’t the Quick Fix They Say it is

We live in the age of the quick fix — of Sparknotes and Advil and microwaves. Perhaps it’s human nature to desire the quickest possible fix to any given problem, but it certainly seems like our society, more than ever, exalts this idea. All our medicines and beauty treatments promise to be “fast acting” or […]

Man Who Killed His Unborn Child is Charged with Homicide

Live Action News – Fugitive Manishkumar Patel, 43, was captured in New York and extradited to Wisconsin in January after being on the run for more than nine years. Patel is being held on $50 million bail for slipping an abortion drug into his mistress’s smoothie. According to India West, in 2001, the married Patel began an […]

Glamour Magazine Promotes Dangerous At-Home Abortions

Live Action News – We used to hear the fear mongering (but false) narrative that without legal abortion, women would be forced to turn to back alley, illegal, dangerous abortions, which nobody wanted. We’ve also heard the mantra that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” Today, the idea of “rare” no longer exists for […]