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Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Pressured to Abort: One Mother’s Heroic Journey By Victoria Robinson I’ve been fortunate to meet incredible people throughout my life.  My favorite kinds are those you’re better for knowing. I’d like to take a minute and tell you about one of mine. Her name is Marissa. I first heard of her through her sister who […]

When a Vegan “Comes Out” at Thanksgiving Dinner

SHARE ON FACEBOOK! You wouldn’t pressure a vegan to eat meat on Thanksgiving, but every day women around the globe are pressured into abortion. Cheryle is just one of many women who has shared her story with us — the pressure, the pain, and the regret. She wrote, “I began to cry harder as they […]

Amazing: Conjoined Twins Saved From Abortion Are Now Thriving

Live Action News — A North Carolina couple, after choosing life and saying abortion was not an option for them, are now the parents of seven children after giving birth to conjoined twins. Jason and Heather Kroeger were already the parents of five children when Heather realized she was pregnant. At first, the happy couple thought they only had […]