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Mother’s Day, Broken Dreams and a Fulfilled Calling

Like most little girls, I imagined I’d be a mom when I grew up. The dream wasn’t lofty. It didn’t seem selfish or unattainable. It wasn’t like I wanted to be a princess, or the President. I just knew that being a mom was what I was called to do. Dolls, stuffed animals, pet cats […]

Hard Days: Pregnancy Resource Centers’ Work at the Ground Level

I typically focus on the good days at HOPE. I share the stories of redemption and reconciliation as we celebrate the lives of our patients and their babies. I am not apologizing for this, but I do think at times it is easy for us, the pregnancy center movement, to neglect sharing the hard days […]

Police Officer Meets Pregnant Drug Addict and Adopts Her Baby on the Spot

The pro-life community often receives criticism from pro-choicers for only being “pro-birth” or, in other words, only caring about lives in the womb and not the lives of those who are born into difficult circumstances. But it’s incredible stories like this that are proving that claim to be untrue. When Albequerque police officer Ryan Holets […]

When a Mother isn’t Prepared for Motherhood

I was unprepared for motherhood. By all appearances most anyone would have suspected I was ready. My pregnancy was no surprise. In fact we had been trying for quite a while to have a child and I wanted so much to be a mother. But I had no idea what was about to happen. I […]

What it Means to be Pro-life: Our Journey to Foster Care

Part of being pro-life is not only supporting mothers through their pregnancies, but caring for orphans and the children within the foster care system. I recently interviewed a dear friend who has been fostering for about 5 months. May you really hear her heart and “find your something.” Tell me about why you chose to […]

Birth Choice Offers Women Real Hope

  Birth Choice is one of our new affiliate pregnancy centers located in San Marcos, CA. They very recently brought in a Stork Bus and are excited about the opportunities that come along. I recently interviewed Heidi Hill, the CEO of Birth Choice.   Tell me a bit about your Pregnancy Center. We have two locations; one […]