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Here’s How YOUR Story Could Save a Life!

Testimonies are an indispensable element of pro-life ministry. Women’s stories give a human face to the mission of LIFE. Every story in the pro-life movement matters – stories of loss, regret, joy, elation, and everything in-between. Testimonies make the myriad life decisions facing pregnant women relatable. And the expression of vulnerability is the force that […]

How My Child’s Death Saved Another Life

I found my world spinning out of control on December 20, 2015. It was early afternoon in Fairbanks, Alaska, as I was sitting in a tiny room with an ultrasound technician hoping to find out the sex of baby number three. What I thought would be a happy day turned into one that felt like […]

How Abortion Robbed me of Fatherhood

This true story was submitted to us via social media. The author wishes to remain anonymous.  Over the spring and summer of 2003, I was an eighteen year old who was smitten by a recent college grad. We met by happenstance at a social gathering and really hit things off. I was head over heels […]

A Voice Told me to Walk Away, but I Thought it was Too Late

This story was shared with us via social media by Jill M. My name is Jill and I am a 29 year old single mom. I made the worst choice of my life last April. I’ll never forget the day or night before my appointment. I spent hours talking and crying out to God for forgiveness and […]