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I Fought For My Son — Look Where We Are Today

I don’t have a glamorous Hallmark-like story about when I became a mother. It’s not a fairytale by any means. I was heartbroken, hurting, scared, and everything in between. But I fought for my son in more ways than he will ever know. While a lot of friends were celebrating the legal drinking age, I […]

Rockstar Steven Tyler Pressured Teenage Girlfriend into Abortion–Now She is Boldly Pro-Life. – When Julia Holcomb was sixteen she and a friend contrived to meet Steven Tyler, the frontman of the multi-platinum-selling band Aerosmith, and now co-host of American Idol. Holcomb’s gambit was more successful than she could have imagined. She and Tyler met backstage after an Aerosmith show, and what followed was a passionate and drug-fuelled three-year relationship that nearly […]

The Last Thing My Abortion Did Was Empower Me. Here’s Why…

I went in circles deciding if I wanted to share the biggest heartache I’ve ever had. See some decisions we regret almost instantly, and some it takes growing up and maturing to realize those choices are permanently damaging. And unlike the decisions I have made in the past, I prayed for God to lead my […]