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World-Famous Supermodel Gracefully Obliterates Every Pro-Choice Argument

It’s been several years since supermodel, Kathy Ireland, appeared on Mike Huckabee’s talk show to talk about her stance on the issue of life. Even almost a decade later, Ireland’s responses to common pro-choice arguments are some of the most clear and concise we’ve ever heard. But Ireland wasn’t always pro-life. She became a Christian […]

TV Show ‘The Good Doctor’ Surprised Us With This Beautiful Pro-Life Stance

On Monday night, the new ABC medical drama series, The Good Doctor, told the story of a woman with a high-risk pregnancy determined to give birth to her baby despite doctors’ recommendations that she abort. The episode ended, against all odds, with a successful, life-affirming outcome. How refreshing, in an age when pro-abortion storylines are so frequently worked into television scripts, […]

Rockstar Steven Tyler Pressured Teenage Girlfriend into Abortion–Now She is Boldly Pro-Life. – When Julia Holcomb was sixteen she and a friend contrived to meet Steven Tyler, the frontman of the multi-platinum-selling band Aerosmith, and now co-host of American Idol. Holcomb’s gambit was more successful than she could have imagined. She and Tyler met backstage after an Aerosmith show, and what followed was a passionate and drug-fuelled three-year relationship that nearly […]

10 Pro-Life Celebrities Who Are Speaking Out Against Abortion

While many in the spotlight are throwing their support and money behind Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion chain, there are still many pro-life celebrities who have chosen to use their influence for good. Our friends over at Live Action News put together this list of ten celebrities who are speaking out against abortion.  1. Tim […]

‘Goonies’ Star Martha Plimpton Says Her First Abortion Was Her “Best One”

Back in June, actress Martha Plimpton sat casually on the stage of Seattle’s Town Hall at an event hosted by #ShoutYourAbortion. Next to her was former Planned Parenthood medical director and self-proclaimed “Christian” abortionist, Willie Parker, who cites his faith as his reason for performing abortions. Plimpton began the casual interview with Parker by telling […]

Comedian Louis C.K. Shocks Audience–“Abortion is Killing Babies!”

In his Netflix special “2017,” Louis C.K. challenges a topic even comedians often leave untouched. The issue of abortion is nearly one-sided when it comes to the limelight. Hollywood, actors and comedians alike, more often than not, have chosen to ignore the lives of the unborn, the very lives that are taken by abortion. But in “2017,” […]