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Save the Storks Celebrates Pregnancy Centers This Week (And Year Round)

New report shows impact of pregnancy help centers on their communities   By Brittany Smith This week marks Pregnancy Help Appreciation Week — an initiative of Heartbeat International. It is a celebration showcasing the vital work of the more than 2,700 pregnancy resource centers (PRC) across the nation.   PRCs are at the forefront of the pro-life movement and are actively involved in women’s […]

7 Ways Pregnancy Centers Care During Coronavirus

How Pregnancy Centers Serve Women in the Midst of Crisis   By Natasha Smith  What happens to women facing an unplanned pregnancy in the midst of coronavirus shutdowns? Pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) step up to ensure women receive the support they need. Crisis has never stopped pro-life individuals and organizations. If anything, coronavirus, pandemics, and unplanned events inspire […]

What To Do When Your Baby Has A Terminal Prenatal Diagnosis

We often talk about the fact that we don’t have the right to decide whether the unborn will live or die. But what if we know already that death is certain to be their fate? Last year a woman named Valerie wrote an article for the New York Times about her difficult abortion experience. Her […]

Here’s How YOUR Story Could Save a Life!

Testimonies are an indispensable element of pro-life ministry. Women’s stories give a human face to the mission of LIFE. Every story in the pro-life movement matters – stories of loss, regret, joy, elation, and everything in-between. Testimonies make the myriad life decisions facing pregnant women relatable. And the expression of vulnerability is the force that […]

How My Church Family Showed Me Grace When All I Felt Was Shame

This true story was submitted to us by Kayley S.  My story is one of loss, God’s grace and the gift of a beautiful baby boy. May of 2016 was a month of incredible loss for me. My younger brother collapsed and 17 hours later passed away unexpectedly, at the age of 21, at his […]

My Abortion Story and the Silent Wounds I Carry

This isn’t just another blog, or another story. This is my story. This is a story that’s never been told. I carry it with me every single day and it is a painful part of my life that never seems to heal. I grew up in a small town. I was fortunate enough to have […]