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Man with Down Syndrome Gives Moving Speech — “My Life is Worth Living”

“I am a man with Down syndrome and my life is worth living.” These powerful words spoken by Down syndrome activist Frank Stephens evoked a standing ovation at last week’s U.S. Appropriations Committee hearing. Stephens lives boldly as a man with Down syndrome, challenging society’s view of what it means to live a life worth […]

Incredible Photo Taken During Fetal Surgery Proves Fetuses are Unique Human Beings

Live Action News — In 1999, photographer Michael Clancy snapped a photo of then 21-week-old preborn Samuel Armas, who was grasping his surgeon’s hand through a hole in his mother’s uterus during a fetal surgery to correct his spina bifida. The photo, known as the “Hand of Hope,” became famous, because it confirmed the undeniable truth: the baby boy […]

TV Show ‘The Good Doctor’ Surprised Us With This Beautiful Pro-Life Stance

On Monday night, the new ABC medical drama series, The Good Doctor, told the story of a woman with a high-risk pregnancy determined to give birth to her baby despite doctors’ recommendations that she abort. The episode ended, against all odds, with a successful, life-affirming outcome. How refreshing, in an age when pro-abortion storylines are so frequently worked into television scripts, […]

Brave Moms Who Were Told to Abort Talk About Why They Chose Life For Their Kids

Live Action News — On October 3, 2017, a Facebook group created for parents raising children with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia shared an article from the website Motto detailing how a woman aborted her child with the condition. The article was meant to show the injustice of a ban on abortion after 20 weeks gestation; however, mother after […]

Amazing: Conjoined Twins Saved From Abortion Are Now Thriving

Live Action News — A North Carolina couple, after choosing life and saying abortion was not an option for them, are now the parents of seven children after giving birth to conjoined twins. Jason and Heather Kroeger were already the parents of five children when Heather realized she was pregnant. At first, the happy couple thought they only had […]