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Will These New Artificial Wombs End the Abortion Debate Once And For All?

Xavier Symons, writing for BioEdge, a news website that focuses on bioethics, wrote an article about ectogenesis. Ectogenesis refers to a human embryo or fetus developing in an artificial environment outside of the woman’s uterus. Scientists recently kept premature lamb fetuses alive in an artificial environment, so hopes are high that they can eventually develop artificial […]

Incredible Photo Taken During Fetal Surgery Proves Fetuses are Unique Human Beings

Live Action News — In 1999, photographer Michael Clancy snapped a photo of then 21-week-old preborn Samuel Armas, who was grasping his surgeon’s hand through a hole in his mother’s uterus during a fetal surgery to correct his spina bifida. The photo, known as the “Hand of Hope,” became famous, because it confirmed the undeniable truth: the baby boy […]

New Study Reveals Fetuses Have the Same Cognitive Abilities as Infants

This post originally appeared on Secular Pro-Life Perspectives and was written by Caitlin Fikes.   I believe that there is a common and insidious cultural misconception with regards to fetuses: the subtle idea that birth is the true beginning of a human’s life, not only because that is when he or she is first socially […]