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The Adoption Process for Parents

Paul and Susan were both Pastor’s kids before they met and got married. Before moving to Redding, California, they pastored a church and lived in Florida for 22 years. They always wanted to have a family with lots of kids. If you are considering adoption we hope Paul and Susan’s words will give you a […]

Why is Adoption Not Seen As An Option?  

Finding a forever family: How the pro-life movement can help change the cultural narrative of adoption   By Brittany Smith  When it comes to unplanned pregnancy, the most common choices for U.S. women are abortion or parenting.     But there is a third option, one that is often left out of the conversation when discussing reproductive rights – adoption. In fact, less than 4 percent of unplanned […]

Police Officer Meets Pregnant Drug Addict and Adopts Her Baby on the Spot

The pro-life community often receives criticism from pro-choicers for only being “pro-birth” or, in other words, only caring about lives in the womb and not the lives of those who are born into difficult circumstances. But it’s incredible stories like this that are proving that claim to be untrue. When Albequerque police officer Ryan Holets […]

This Viral Video Shows the Raw and Beautiful Parts of the Adoption Process

It’s been a little over a year since Genesis Media Solutions posted Matt and Katie’s moving adoption story. It’s been passed around the internet ever since and collectively has over five millions views. This couple’s beautiful story has been an inspiration to many. SHARE ON FACEBOOK! Adoption is an emotional process for everyone involved. This story […]

After 17 Years, Birth Mom and Daughter Find Each Other on Facebook

Live Action News — The New York Times shared a video earlier this month of “Modern Love: Lost and Found,” viewed thousands of times on its Facebook page. The Times’ Facebook status update simply reads, “A 17-year-old girl, put up for adoption at birth, finds her biological mother on Facebook.” But the while story is, […]