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Stork Van

The Original Save the Storks mobile unit- our Stork Van is built on a 24’ Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis.


  • Fits in a single parking space
  • 3 year/ 36,000 mile warranty
  • No CDL required
  • Optional space for an ultrasound cart
  • A/C Unit
  • Fuel-Fired Heater
  • Refrigerator for STI testing
  • Bathroom
  • Large flat-screen TV set up for ultrasound connection
  • Privacy curtain
  • Security Monitor
  • Easy to clean interior
  • Cameras

Stork Bus

Built on a Ford E450 chassis, the Stork Bus is our mid-size model, with space to comfortably offer abdominal
and transvaginal ultrasounds, STI testing, and counseling.


    • Fits in a single parking space
    • No CDL required
    • Optional space for an ultrasound cart
    • A/C Unit
    • Fuel-Fired Heater
    • Refrigerator for STI testing
    • Bathroom
    • Large flat-screen TV set up for ultrasound connection
    • Privacy curtain
    • Security Monitor
    • Easy to clean interior
    • Cameras
    • Generator


The Stork Liner is our 37.5’ clinic on wheels, designed for pregnancy centers who see a high number of clients. Built on a Mercedes-Benz Freightliner M2 chassis, this 3-room mobile unit gives your center the flexibility to serve multiple clients at one time.

    • See multiple clients at one time
    • Bathroom
    • Waiting Room
    • Counseling Room
    • Exam Room
    • Refrigerator for STI screening
    • No CDL required • A/C throughout
    • Fuel Fired Heater
    • Security Cameras & Monitor
    • Generator
    • Large flat screen TV set up for ultrasound connection


Mobile Process

Step 1: Apply and Receive Grant Offer

  • Fill out our online mobile unit and scholarship grant application. (Filling out the application won’t obligate you to anything)
  • Save the Storks grant committee will review your application and present your center with a grant offer.

Step 2: Connect

  • Discuss any needs or questions you have about going mobile with a Save the Storks representative.

Step 3: Sign

  • Once you are ready, sign an Affiliation contract, and submit an affiliation deposit which establishes you as a part of a nation-wide network of Save the Storks affiliates, and gives you access to all affiliate benefits.

Step 4: Design

  • Work with Save the Storks graphic designers to create your unique exterior wrap. Our designers will work with you to design something that will catch the eye, and help abortion vulnerable women feel comfortable and confident boarding your mobile unit.

Step 5: Fundraise

  • Work with our designers to create your unique impressor, a powerful tool to assist you in fundraising. • Partner with Save the Storks consultants to discuss fundraising strategy and needs.

Step 6: Build

  • Work with Save the Storks’ up-fitter to design and build your mobile medical unit.

Step 7: Train

  • Attend Save the Storks’ Mobile Medical Training program at your pregnancy center to learn the best strategies, tips, and logistics of successful mobile ministry.

Step 8: Delivery

  • Save the Storks drivers will deliver your mobile unit to your pregnancy center.

Step 9: Serve

  • Begin taking your mobile unit on the road to reach the abortion vulnerable women of your community.

Step 10: Story Grant

  • Send Save the Storks monthly updates on how you are serving women in your community, and receive ongoing financial support.


What Does it Mean to be an Affiliate?

Simply put, an Affiliate is a pregnancy center or organization that has agreed to launch a mobile ministry with Save the Storks. By becoming an affiliate, pregnancy resource centers become connected to a nationwide network of other PRCs and executive directors who share the same heart and vision to reach women at their moment of decision.

  • Benefits of Affiliation:
  • Custom Made Exterior Wrap Design
  • Access to builder discounts through Save the Storks partnerships
  • Fundraising Training
  • Grants
  • Banquet speaker (subject to availability)
  • Access to Mobile Intensive at Storks Headquarters
  • Fundraising Resources (Impressor, MMU Showing, Affiliate Webpage)
  • Onsite and remote mobile ministry training
  • Admission to Flyway Intensive
  • Save the Storks National Network
  • Story Grant


“The mobile unit really has been a gift from God. I was skeptical as to how successful our Mobile Unit actually would be in our community but once we launched, it blew my mind. It only took a month and in that time I was very surprised to find out, was that we began seeing almost more clients on our mobile unit as we did in our brick and mortar facility. After a year and a half of operating our mobile unit, it is wildly successful and it meets incredible needs in the community. If you are considering whether or not Save the Storks is worth it, don’t give it a second thought. They are an incredible asset to your PRC and blessing to your community.” – Heidi Matzke, Executive Director- Alternatives Pregnancy Center- Sacramento, CA

“Horizon has more than doubled our client intake since we began our partnership with Save the Storks. The mobile unit has revolutionized the way we serve our community and the surrounding communities. Our visibility and partnership with churches and other organizations has multiplied 2-fold since our partnership with Save the Storks. We are currently under construction to double our space due to the growth and client intake we have experienced since we became medical in 2012.” – Debra Tous, Executive Director- Horizon Pregnancy Clinic- Huntington Beach, CA

“What’s great about the unit is that we provide all the same services here that we do in our brick and mortar office. OB offices are actually sending clients to use because they are backed up. We can see clients not just in our regular office but also in our mobile unit because if their [clients] not in our community, they can be seen anytime and quickly. Mobile services gives women another option for them to go to for their pregnancy confirmations.” – Cindy Broese Van Groenou, Executive Director, Eureka, CA

“Mobile changed our PRC by giving us a further reach into communities who couldn’t come to our pregnancy center.” – Terry Dodds, Executive Director – Women’s Mobile Clinic – Pittsburgh, PA

Grant Support

We are incredibly blessed to partner with passionate donors and foundations from around the nation. Because of these passionate individuals we are able to provide grants to every center who partners with Save the Storks. Through their generosity, Save the Storks has either given or committed $2 million in going mobile grants. In 2019 alone we’ve been able to provide grants to every organization who signed on to go mobile, ranging from $30,000 to $100,000.


Q: Can a Stork Bus function in extreme climates?

A: Absolutely! We work with state of the art builders who provide effective solutions for both hot and cold climate challenges. Upgrades are available to every affiliate to ensure that their mobile unit functions successfully despite weather and climate.

Q: Is the Stork Bus effective in rural areas?

A: Yes! We’ve seen affiliates successfully use their Stork Bus to bring care and resources to women in rural areas who might live far away from their nearest pregnancy care center.

Q: Does it come with an ultrasound machine?

A: At this time, our mobile medical units do not include an ultrasound machine. For assistance with obtaining an ultrasound machine or grant, we recommend connecting with your local Knights of Columbus about their ultrasound grant program.

Q: From the time I sign a contract, when can I expect to have the Stork Bus at my center?

A: The timeline for MMU delivery differs for each center because it depends heavily on fundraising. With our coaching, we’ve seen centers become fully funded within a few months. Once your center is fully funded, you will be connected with our builder to begin production. From that point, you can expect the build and delivery of your MMU to take between 4-6 months.

Q: Does Save the Storks place any markup on mobile units?

A: No! Save the Storks is a completely donor funded ministry, and the prices of mobile units are directly set from our builder, minus our partnership discounts, your affiliation deposit, and any grants we are able to provide

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