Who We Are


It all started in the Bronx, with one van that inspired some visionary questions:

What if there was a way to reach abortion-vulnerable women right where they are, right where they live and work? What if there were people who loved these women enough to invest their time in providing the care and resources needed to truly give them the freedom to choose?

That would revolutionize what it means to be pro-life.

Here at Save the Storks, those are the “what ifs” that we want to make reality. Beginning in 2012, we have realized this mission by partnering with Pregnancy Resource Centers all across America, and our prayerful hope is that we’ve only just begun.

Stork Bus Free Ultrasound

We're here for them.


There is only so much we can do behind the scenes. We partner with pregnancy resource centers across the country who are the immediate conduit for the love, compassion, and action that we believe God calls us to. Equipped with their very own mobile medical units, affectionately called “Stork Buses,” these centers are able to bring the vital medical care of free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds right to the women who need them most.

Our affiliates do a fantastic job of providing spiritual, emotional, and material support to the women in their communities.

Given the vital importance of these centers, we have expanded our ministry to support them and raise awareness of the work that they are doing. Along with equipping centers for mobile medical ministry, we offer a number of counseling and consulting services in hopes of enabling them to more efficiently and effectively serve their unique communities.

Their hard work and impact continually inspire us to dream bigger, hope more radically, and look forward toward our joint goal of making abortion unthinkable.

Our mission at Save the Storks is to revolutionize the meaning of pro-life


  • Change the language and conversation around pro-life
  • Create innovative ways to engage and serve abortion-vulnerable women and save babies
  • Equip grassroots leaders with strategies and tools to provide love, compassion, and action to women in crisis pregnancies
  • Mobilize cultural influencers to create catalytic change

We have a big vision

One of our deepest desires is to change the conversation around the pro-life movement. We don’t want to engage the current debate; we want to revolutionize it. We want to shift the focus away from divisive language to a dialogue of hope and true empowerment, by meeting women in their time of need with love, compassion, and action that supports them no matter what. Our mission is to move hearts and minds, enabling them to see that life, whatever the circumstance, is always worth celebrating.

We invite you to help us revolutionize the meaning of pro-life.