Hey Men, You Can Literally Be One in a Million!

Growing up, culture told me that real men don’t cry. That real men use dirt to heal wounds and that a meal is only a meal if it has meat in it. That being a man means you never show emotion, that you fight with your fists to protect your ego, and that the only way to get a girl was to never let her know you care.

That’s what culture told me.

Culture was wrong.

We’ve been wired with the worst message for young men and the side effects are heartbreaking:

  • 43% of children in America live without a father.
  • 71% of high school drop-outs come from homes without a father.
  • 71% of pregnant teenage girls are without a father.

My son Sam is a tender kidhe prays for others regularly and refuses to fall asleep unless we’re snuggling. But he’s also incredibly brave and adventurous. He loves indoor skydiving and climbs rocks even adults are intimidated by.

As a father, it’s my job to show my sons that being a real man looks different from the picture culture has painted. I want my boys to grow up to become warrior poets, like the men that I read about in ancient scriptures. I want them to fight against injustice.

Not only is society distorting what it means to be a man, but fathers are abandoning women and their kids. In a situation that is desperate for help, culture is silent.

But you don’t have to be. By generously supporting Save the Storks you can care for a mother in need and also, in a sense, father a young boy or girl. You are the voice that’s changing the statistics.

We have roughly 7,251 donors who have played the role of a father through supporting women who choose life for their babies. There are roughly 7.347 billion people in the world. Men, this means that when you partner with us in this mission, you are literally one in a million!*

For just $30 a month, you can be one in a million and become a father to the voiceless.

*Technically you’re 1 in 1,013,938.724, but you get the point!


We hope this article enlightened and inspired you to stand up for life.

Despite the overturning of Roe v. Wade, abortions are still prevalent in our nation. As a response to the overturning, the media: from the news to entertainment sources to even political figures and celebrities, have pushed abortion as an ongoing agenda, shaping the way this generation thinks and acts. Misinformation is being spread every day, and people are sadly believing the lies.

Our articles and stories aim to tell one thing: the truth.

We know that it is both a blessing and a challenge to understand the reality of abortion, because knowledge incites belief, and belief incites action. But we’re in this together. We believe that we can make abortion unthinkable.

With your support, we look forward to a future where young women are empowered to fight for their own rights: a right to bring life into the world, to be fearless leaders, to be examples of hope, strength, and undeterred resilience. We look forward to a future where life can happen.

If this article strengthened your belief to reach women everywhere with the truth and to let life happen, then please consider helping us extend our reach by making a gift right now. Your gift of just $10 or $20 helps our mission to create a story of hope and empowerment for every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy.

We aim to create a culture that views “pro-life” as equivalent to having empathy and compassion, providing holistic care (before and beyond pregnancy) and education, and most importantly, choosing to speak and act in love. We are pro-life, pro-love, pro-woman, pro-solution.

Don’t just be part of the movement, be part of the solution, and give today.