“I Think I Adopted a Baby Last Night at Work” — The Words That Changed Our Family Forever

I woke up one Sunday morning in June of 2016. It seemed just like any other day. Our four-year-old son and I were eating breakfast when my husband arrived home from an overnight shift at work. He quickly went into the office to print something out. I wondered what was so important. I would soon find out it would be one of the most memorable days of my life.

He held a picture of a baby born the night before. My husband handed me the picture and said, “I think I adopted a baby last night at work.”

I was moved to tears as I realized what I had hoped and believed God had told me for the last two years was now happening. God had promised to give us a baby.

He confirmed it countless different ways. Through His word when I studied the Bible, I was reminded to be still and know He is God. My oldest son, Kellen, drew a picture in Sunday school that was called “What God Plans Always Happens.” It was a visible sign to remind me of His promise.

Woodland Storks would frequently fly over our house and when they did, I knew it was God reminding me that He would deliver on His promise to give us another baby. The waiting was hard. The believing and trusting God was hard. It was a choice I made everyday to believe in what I knew to be true.

The next day on the way to the hospital my husband asked me if I was nervous. Of course I was nervous. I was anxious, afraid, and didn’t want this story to end up with my heart broken into millions of pieces. My mind was full of “what ifs.” What if the birth mother changed her mind? What if I met and held the baby and it didn’t work out? We had been down this road before. I knew the pain of losing a baby.

This time, I chose to use those past experiences and heartbreak to give me a new perspective. I chose to believe no matter what happened, God had a good plan. If we were to be this baby’s parents, God would make it happen. If God had other parents for this baby, I could still pray for the child during his time of transition and make sure I did my part in getting him to where God intended.

I knew God would be faithful to pick up and put back the shattered pieces of my heart if it didn’t work out. So I chose to enjoy every single moment. Fear would not rule my heart. Instead, it overflowed with love for this precious little life God had such a miraculous plan for. Love for the woman who chose to give him life. What a gift!

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We got to meet that special little baby boy in the hospital that day. We got to hold him, love him, and pray over him. I spent the whole day with him. No one told me to leave so I decided to stay. I enjoyed every moment without fear. God was able to give me peace during the uncertainty.

As the days unfolded with many things to do in order to adopt that precious boy, God was faithful. He worked out every detail so that we were able to bring him home from the hospital just a few days later. We named him Andrew.  

It was a miracle on so many levels. I was told countless times that babies don’t just appear out of nowhere and that I should be doing something. I choose to obey what God was telling me and wait. God wanted me to see He was trustworthy to fulfill His promise. He didn’t need my help.

When Andrew was 6 weeks old we got a call from our social worker that Andrew’s birthmother wanted to meet us. I had so much respect and admiration for her and I really wanted to meet her as well.

As I began to talk with the social worker, fear began to creep into my thoughts. In theory, I would love to meet the woman who had given my son life and entrusted him to us.

What if she didn’t like me? What if she thought we weren’t good parents? What if she thought she had made a mistake in giving him to us?  She had sacrificed so much. Were we worthy of such a sacrifice? Who is?

Doubt began to creep into my mind. As I began to pray, God was able to change my perspective.  I can’t base my decisions on fear. I needed to push past those fears and insecurities and let God do something really special.  

We did go and meet Andrew’s birthmother. God was able to form a bond between us that could only be from Him. Getting to know Andrew’s birthmother and bringing her into our family has been one of the greatest blessings of our life. To get to see her courage, her sacrificial love, and determination firsthand is beyond words.

She chose life. As a result, she changed the course of our family and fulfilled a promise that God had made to us many years ago. We want to impact her life and give back to her in the same way she has given to us. We want her to feel honored, respected, and loved. We will stand alongside her as God heals the brokenness and the hurt.

God’s plan was not just for Andrew, but for her as well. God calls us to help those who are hurting and broken. We are not called to just take care of orphans and forget about who gave them life. We need to change our perspective on birthmothers as a society.  They need to be honored, not shamed. They don’t need to remain hidden, but included.

We need to choose our words wisely when we speak about women who have chosen life. It was costly. It was difficult. It was a labor of love. If it weren’t for these courageous women, I would not be called mom today.

We have had the privilege of being Andrew’s parents for 15 months now. We didn’t do anything to deserve or earn him. It is only by God’s grace and a very brave, strong woman who chose life.  

Andrew is a gift. His life and story are special. We can’t imagine the world without his sweet little soul. He is a little boy who will always know he’s loved by his birthmother and his adoptive family.   

Every day, women are pressured into abortion. Let’s join together to make sure people in unexpected pregnancy situations are supported and loved so they can make life-affirming choices for their children.

We’re asking pro-lifers around the country to help us end the pressure surrounding abortion once and for all. Sign our pledge today!



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