Celebrities Make This Single Mom Cry On Ellen — “You Literally Changed My Life”

Ellen and the stars of “A Bad Moms Christmas,” Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn, celebrated motherhood by giving one single mom the surprise of a lifetime.

In a question and answer segment with the stars, one audience member, Ayesha, stands up and instead of asking a question, simply says “thank you” and that being at Ellen’s Mother’s Day show two years prior literally changed her life.

Ellen invites Ayesha down onto the stage, where she tells her story. She said that being a single mom can be difficult but that Ellen’s show gave her and her daughter what they needed. She’s referring to the 2015 Mother’s Day episode (video below) on which Ellen gave every first time mom in the audience over 7,000 dollars worth of gifts for them and their babies.


Ellen then brings Ayesha’s mom out from backstage, revealing that this whole thing had been planned. This hardworking single mom is struggling to get by, and with student debt, providing for her daughter is difficult. On top of this, she spends whatever free time she has volunteering to help the homeless.

To celebrate this incredible mom, Ellen and each of the actresses pull out stockings, each filled with 25,000 dollars in cash, saying, “We just wanted to help you out a little bit because you deserve it, because you’re an awesome mom.”

This emotional episode is a reminder that there is so much that goes into raising a child, and for many women this task seems beyond daunting. But by providing these moms with support and resources, we can help them see that they have options other than abortion.

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