BREAKING: Parents Fighting to Stop Hospital From Taking Their Toddler Off Life-Support

Last summer the world fixed its gaze on London, where the Great Ormond Street Hospital was allowed to determine the fate of little Charlie Gard, superseding his parents wishes. And even as we mourned with his parents, Chris and Connie, we hoped the one small consolation was these types of cases are rare.

Until today.

Today we learned of little Alfie Evans. Born in May 2016, Alfie has been hospitalized since December 2016 because of chronic seizures of an undiagnosed disorder. Now it appears the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, is refusing to give a standard life-enhancing tracheostomy, and has appealed to the High Court to remove parental rights and end his ventilation… and Alfie’s life. 


A hospital in Italy stands ready to take over his care and try to save his life. However,
the Liverpool hospital thinks it’s better for Alfie to be removed from the long-term ventilation and intensive care he’s received for the last year.

When Alfie was hospitalized last December, the doctor’s prognosis was grim. They said he’d only live a couple of hours on life support, Alfie’s father, Thomas Evans, explained.

“Alfie proved them wrong and I know he will prove them wrong again. We call him our little soldier and as long as he is marching, we are marching with him. I will never ever agree to turn his life support off.”

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His parents said in a statement that “disabled and sick children deserve care, not a hastened death.”

We agree.

Alfie has been on and off ventilation during his time in the hospital, successfully fighting one infection but then catching another. He shows signs of life like moving, yawning, stretching and is continuing to fight.

Despite all of this, the hospital still wants to turn his ventilation off.

Many leaders in the pro-life movement, both in the United States and Great Britain, decried the system that allowed British Courts and hospitals to make decisions that supercede the wishes of parents like Charlie’s regarding their children.


And that’s the fundamental question here. Does the State have the right to act in “the best interests” of children, even if the action goes against the wishes of the parents? In Charlie’s case, doctors in other countries were willing to intervene with experimental treatment to try to improve his condition. Alfie’s case is similar. But the High Court could rule Alfie’s parents don’t have the right to move him.

Alfie’s parents run a Twitter account, @Alfiesarmy, where they keep followers abreast of his story. They’ve also set up a fundraising account and have raised over $67,000 to pay for his experimental treatment. They just need the hospital to release him into the care of another doctor.

We believe in the fundamental right to life for every person, and also believe parents should have the right to seek the best care for their children possible. Because of a long drawn out legal battle, Charlie’s parents never had that chance.

As people who believe in the value of life, now is a time for us to stand with Alfie’s parents by advocating for his life. In a culture when so many carelessly and thoughtlessly throw away life, we’re encouraged by parents willing to fight for the lives of their children.

Join us in advocating for Alfie’s parents to have the chance Charlie’s didn’t, the chance to transport him to a different hospital that will provide the care Alfie needs.

Please sign the petition to help save Alfie’s life!

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