‘I’m a Father of Five … But I Only Got to Raise Three’: Dads Share Their Abortion Stories in Powerful Video

By Will Maule

Ahead of Father’s Day this Sunday, the pro-life organization “Save the Storks” is embarking on a powerful new video campaign, giving post-abortive men a chance to share their heartbreaking stories of how the procedure changed their lives permanently.

The six-part #ChooseFatherhood social video series features four courageous men who are breaking their silence about their deeply personal abortion stories. Over 55 million men have experienced the pain, grief, heartache, and guilt of abortion. Now, they are speaking out.

“This story is best started by saying that I’m the father of five, but I only got to raise three of them,” explains one man.

Others recall the horrific experience of being there in the room when their child was brutally aborted.

“I remember the whir of the motor and seeing these tubes that were being filled with red and white and the sound of suction,” another interviewee says. “It all stopped. The room was silent and they said ‘we’re done.’”

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“It was too easy. It was too quick,” he adds. “I wish that someone had been out in front of that Planned Parenthood will just to offer information and alternatives. I wish that there had been opportunities to know about other choices.”

“It was later in the evenings as I would go to bed that I began to cry,” another man recalls. “Even though it had been decades since the first two were lost, obviously still there is an emotional place that comes up.”

Another man describes how he suffered a deep depression following the abortion.

“It didn’t just mess me up, it messed her up as well. Mentally, emotionally. We both started drinking heavily and using drugs,” he says.

Another man shares that he was “adamant” that his girlfriend gets a termination, even offering to pay for it.

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