Save the Storks Hosts 2nd Annual Pro-Life Innovators Summit

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Save the Storks is hosting its 2nd annual Pro-Life Innovators Summit April 1-3, 2022 in downtown Colorado Springs, Colo.  

During this 3-day conference, participants have the chance to develop their pro-life ministry plan, pitch it to a panel and make it a reality. With hands-on training, expert advice from other pro-life ministry leaders and a host of networking opportunities, this conference helps the pro-life leaders of tomorrow make their dreams a reality.  

What to Expect

Pro-Life Innovators Summit attendees can expect to receive two days of training featuring pro-life apologetics, industry best practices on developing a strategy, crafting your business plan, and marketing. 

On the third day of the conference, participants will present their ministry idea and plan to a panel of experts for feedback. The panel will give valuable insight into the plan’s execution. As well as improvements that can be made, and a path forward after the conference.  

Meet Last Year’s Winners

The winner of last year’s $25,000 grant is Tracy Robinson of San Diego, Calif. She is the director and producer of The Matter of Life documentary. Robinson created the film to be used as an educational tool for churches. She is also working toward creating a storytelling nonprofit that will produce new and relevant pro-life content every year.   

“The Matter of Life is honored to receive this $25,000 prize from Save the Storks,” Robinson said. “The funds will go toward our next film project in order to reach more hearts and minds to save unborn lives.”   

Watch The Matter of Life Here: 

The second grant of $10,000 was awarded to Beverly Jacobson, founder of Verity’s Village. Verity’s Village was inspired by Jacobson’s ninth baby, Verity, who was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 in the womb. Verity’s Village provides support, education, and care packages to families who receive a life-limiting diagnosis for their baby.   

“I can’t fully express my joy and gratitude for this generous gift,” Jacobson said. “It represents so much to me–first and foremost, validation that God truly is calling us at this time to step forward in faith to establish Verity’s Village in an official capacity. The need in this community is so great. Not only the direct funding but also having access to Save the Storks’ resources and expertise means Verity’s Village will be able to help more people sooner rather than later.” 

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Do you have a pro-life ministry or non-profit you’ve been dreaming about starting? Save the Storks’ Pro-Life Innovators Summit can help you turn your non-profit idea into a reality.   

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