3 Dangers of Lacking a Life-Affirming Theology

Want to become an effective advocate for life? Then you must develop a robust foundation for your life-affirming theology and beliefs.

The term “theology” might bring images of monks studying ancient manuscripts or seminary professors discussing complex concepts to mind. But in reality, theology is a simple idea: the study of God. Like biology (the study of life) or geology (the study of earth), theology helps us understand the divine perspective on various issues, including the sanctity of life.

So when establishing a theological foundation for being pro-life, we ask, “Why does God care about life?”

Consider your answer to that question. Does it come from a list of Bible verses? A bunch of reasons why abortion is wrong? If we’re honest, we might realize we’re pro-life simply because everyone else in our church is pro-life.

If that’s you, don’t feel bad! It’s not uncommon for people to have limited knowledge about the rationale behind their beliefs. However, it’s crucial to recognize the consequences of a weak foundation for your convictions, especially if you’re passionate about defending life. These are the three dangers you’ll face until you strengthen your convictions about choosing life…

You’ll be inconsistent—and people will notice

If you’re pro-life, it’s not enough to just oppose abortion. Valuing and advocating for all lives is crucial, and having a consistent viewpoint is essential when fighting for life.

Pro-abortion advocates often argue that pro-life supporters only care about the unborn, but once they’re born, they’re on their own. While this argument may not be valid for promoting abortion, it does bring up a valid point about consistency in our pro-life beliefs. If we only advocate for life in one situation but ignore its value in others, it can make us appear hypocritical and prevent others from taking our beliefs seriously.

However, your perspective changes when you truly understand God’s heart for life. You begin to share his compassion for the innocent, the lonely, and the heartbroken. That means both the unborn victims of abortion and mothers facing unthinkable situations that push them towards abortion. You recognize the intrinsic value of all human life and understand that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their circumstances.

In other words, you stop being anti-abortion and start becoming pro-life.

You’ll be stunned by counterarguments.

It’s okay to admit that you don’t have all the answers regarding abortion debates. So, what will you do when someone brings up a powerful pro-abortion argument you’ve never heard before? Or tells you their story of having an abortion?

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

Without a solid theological foundation, you might feel cornered. And when you’re cornered, it’s far easier to resort to anger or doubt. Instead of inviting honest conversation, abortion becomes an untouchable subject. You might even start to feel like your pro-life stance is paper-thin.

But what if you had a strong anchor? What if you had a framework to evaluate different perspectives and arguments? With a solid biblical foundation, you can confidently say, “This is what I think this argument gets right, but here’s what I think it gets wrong.” You can start to see that God affirms life at every turn, according to the Bible.

When you know where you stand, you can approach the conversation with grace and compassion, listening to others and sharing your beliefs respectfully. With God’s view of life as your anchor, you can be confident in your pro-life stance and make progress in the debate.

Remember—you’re having a conversation with an image-bearer of God! They’re worthy of the same respect and dignity as the unborn.

You’ll have nothing to offer

A consistently pro-life theology can empower you to share a message of hope and redemption with those who need it most.

Have you heard the cliche that it’s not enough to be against something? You have to stand for something to capture people’s attention.

Well, it’s a cliche because it’s true. It’s simply not enough to proclaim that abortion is wrong without providing any solution. Talk to women who have had abortions, and you’ll realize they weren’t excited by the decision. Many regret it. They simply didn’t think they had a choice.

But what if you had a message of hope you could offer them? What if there was healing for their broken hearts and forgiveness for their mistakes?

See where this is going? A pro-life theology flows naturally from the Gospel. As you learn more about the Gospel, the more pro-life you become. You start to see God’s big-picture plan for the world. And that plan involves life. And as you become more like Christ, you share his vision for the world. You learn to hate abortion. You learn to treasure and value the lives and stories of lost and lonely women. You become the beacon of hope that they’re looking for. That alone can make a difference in their decision to choose life.

If you’re pro-life worldview is a little rusty, no worries! There are resources to help you become a first responder in the fight for life. Check out our list of the top 10 pro-life resources you can use today. Especially worth checking out is our Start Course. It’s free, engaging, and will give you the tools you need to understand God’s heart for life and start making a difference in women’s lives!


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