Top 10 Pro Life Resources

It may feel as though conversations about pro life vs pro choice are hard to navigate because it is so politicized and polarizing. But at Save the Storks, we define pro life not as a political issue but a personal one which we are all gifted with the responsibility of caring for and protecting. 

We’re offering some resources for you to approach the topic of life and choice with a compassionate, non-political tone to help you to speak to those who are pro choice, facing an unplanned pregnancy, or who have had an abortion in their past. 

1. Start Course

The Start Course is a FREE, 2 ½ hour video course that will equip your church to reach and serve women in an unplanned pregnancy. Think of it as a first-aid course for pro-life ministry! Perfect for individuals or groups, this course will equip your church with what to say and how to help a woman feel empowered to choose life.

2. Quick Reference for Pro Life Stats and Talking Points – Save the Storks 

We did the research for you! This guide includes top statistics on abortion and how it affects your congregation and community as well as key bible verses on abortion and what God says about the sanctity of life.  We also created a bulletin insert about this topic for you to download and use for Sanctity of Life Sunday!

3. Bulletin Insert

Download and print this Bulletin Insert to use on Sanctity of Life Sunday, or any other time you speak on pro-life topics.

4. The Matter of Life Documentary

Host a viewing party with Save the Storks featuring this incredible new documentary. The Matter of Life takes you on a journey to unravel the complexities of the abortion debate by addressing the issue through science, philosophy, history and powerful personal stories. The film answers hard questions and provides hope for the future.  

5. Dare to Be a Dad – Matt Hammitt

In collaboration with Matt Hammitt, Save the Storks launched our Dare to be a Dad curriculum. This 7-day video series and devotional aims to equip men to embrace fatherhood, whether they were expecting it or not. Filled with heartwarming stories and challenges, this series helps men face their calling to be a dad and enter fatherhood. Learn why it’s ok to be a dad!

6. Reimagining Pro-Life: 30 Day Devotional – Save the Storks

This 30-day devotional is a multi-media experience that equips the church to examine the scripture and see how God’s abundant love naturally draws our hearts toward compassion and action for the vulnerable. Access it for free online, on the Bible app, or buy a physical copy here

7. Pro Life Videos and Documentaries 

Save the Storks produces high quality personal testimonies, documentaries and dialogue surrounding pro-life expression in America. We’ve highlighted our top picks for you to include in your service at no cost. These stories show why women felt like abortion was their only choice due to lifestyle, pressure, abuse, homelessness. But they go on to reveal the power of people simply being there to care and walk with them through those hard times. You’ll also find stories of after-abortion healing and documentaries about what pregnancy centers offer. 

8. Pro-Life Kids 

Need a resource to engage the youth in your congregation? Pro-Life Kids is a great resource to help educators share age-appropriate information to youth. If we don’t talk about life and choice – our children will learn about it from culture. We need to speak up and help establish the conversation in truth and love. 

9. Support After Abortion

How can you serve those who’ve already chosen abortion and now live with the pain of that loss? This website gives many incredible resources for your church to offer or for individuals to begin the journey of healing. 

10. For Every Woman

For Every Woman. Our online platform has a comprehensive database designed to assist women facing unplanned pregnancies. For Every Woman connects women with on-the-ground resources, providing vital support before, during, and after pregnancy. Our commitment is to ensure that every woman has equal access to motherhood.