Planned Parenthood Sex Education: Grooming the Youth

Planned Parenthood Sex Education

Planned Parenthood’s Sex Education entering our schools is cause for concern. In recent news, Planned Parenthood has targeted teens. Incentivizing the youth to attend sex ed summer camp and providing graphic pamphlets to elementary school-aged kids. Planned Parenthood Sex Education continues going further into our education with an increasingly younger audience. The director of Planned Parenthood’s Sex Education, Bill Taverner, once said, “We are all sexual beings from birth until death.” Planned Parenthood deliberately markets to children, bypassing their parents, creating a rift between parents and their children. But what is Planned Parenthood’s real motivation behind teaching children sex education?

Targetting teens this summer

In the summer, most little girls and boys dream of going to the lake, playing sports, and catching the ice cream truck. Rarely has a young person pursued sexual education outside of school. This summer, Planned Parenthood in Minnesota created its Sex Ed Summer Camp (with a sign-up link including cartoon images of what appears to be female breasts). They resorted to bribing children. The local Planned Parenthood offered children aged 15-17 a $150 gift card to attend a week-long Planned Parenthood Sex Education course. So, why are they so desperate to educate the youth on sexuality? A former volunteer and “comprehensive sex educator” at Planned Parenthood found out that answer the hard way.

Infiltrating school systems

Monica Cline sat down with the Problematic Women Podcast to describe her experience as a sex educator for Planned Parenthood. Her experience dates back to the 90s when Planned Parenthood first began sneaking into the school districts. Cline details how she was told to disarm children by having them yell out every sexual body part they knew, including slang. From here, Cline was encouraged by her instructors never to suggest abstinence as an option for children. Planned Parenthood claimed the kids would feel judged by the idea.

Why would a child feel judged by the suggestion of NOT having sex? The overall attitude of Planned Parenthood, according to Cline’s testimony, is that children WILL have sex or know about it. So, we must teach them as much as possible about it. The information in Planned Parenthood’s Sex Education in schools is already causing issues with parents. Fourth and Fifth graders at Lincoln Elementary in Olympia, WA, were recently handed pamphlets including graphic depictions of genitalia. Another page in the booklet titled “Supplies that could be helpful during puberty” included puberty blockers. Parents were outraged at this discovery, and the providers of this pamphlet were none other than the local Planned Parenthood.

Another similar story comes from Tacoma, Washington. The school claims that 8th graders were mistakenly handed a flyer with content Planned Parenthood created. The brochure informed students of the legal parameters regarding who they could have sexual relations with from ages 11-18.

Planned Parenthood’s Comprehensive Sexuality Education Handout fights for their right “to enjoy sex” as teenagers. Who will fight for their right to enjoy childhood without the pressure of sexuality?

Messaging directed at children

Planned Parenthood’s marketing seems unusually aimed toward an adolescent audience. The photo below is a screengrab of, which Planned Parenthood links to on their page about parental consent. This page also warns not to visit Pregnancy Centers (women’s clinics), claiming they won’t give you honest information.

Anyone who works in marketing knows that words are chosen very carefully. So why is Planned Parenthood using terms like “BFF”? This diction might be understandable when advertising Barbie dolls. This playful language makes no sense if the topic is a pill designed to end a pregnancy with severe side effects such as infections, hemorrhaging, and increased infertility. Equally problematic; is the inclusion of “when your parents are at work” when suggesting times you can have an abortion. This alone reveals their intended audience, and it’s not adults.

“Parents are a barrier to service”

There’s a reason Planned Parenthood uses childlike verbiage and directs teens to websites where they can order abortion pills without parental consent. The main answer lies in the mantra Cline heard while volunteering for Planned Parenthood, “Parents are a barrier to service.” Once parents find out their child is visiting a Planned Parenthood, they lose that child as a client.

Cline had more to say about the mission of Planned Parenthood Sex Education:

“It sounds so positive. But really, what they’re doing is creating a barrier between a family and their child, the guidance of a parent. They’re eliminating that completely and convincing these children that they’re on their side. All the while, they’re just leading them into high-risk behaviors.”

Once a child is born, they’ve escaped Planned Parenthood’s biggest money maker, abortion. BUT Planned Parenthood knows there’s still potential to benefit monetarily from the child, so long as they intervene and teach them the rights youth have to sex (as stated in their Comprehensive Sexuality Education Handout). When a child’s first reference to sexuality is Planned Parenthood, they are the first resource. This could include when that child faces the consequences of sex, including unplanned pregnancy. Then, a young person can go behind their parent’s back (as encouraged by and pursue an abortion through Planned Parenthood without a parent’s support and loving advice.

Support women’s clinics: a safe option

When many girls are young, they might want to sneak away to get their ears pierced or see an R-rated movie, NOT consider abortion. By the way, minors under 18 need a parent present at Claire’s to get a piercing and to see R-rated films. So, it’s easier for a child to get an abortion without their parent’s permission than for them to get earrings at the mall. Additionally, you must be 18 to buy cough syrup, but children can walk into any drug store and purchase the Plan B pill.

At Save the Storks, we know sex education should be safe, appropriate, and up to each family unit. If someone young is afraid to tell their parents about an unwanted pregnancy, we support women’s clinics that provide true information about pregnancy options. When you donate to us, you are helping women’s clinics and our mobile medical units across the U.S. provide love, support, and accurate information to women facing unplanned pregnancies.

Mark 9:42

“But if you cause one of these little ones who trusts in me to fall into sin, it would be better for you to be thrown into the sea with a large millstone hung around your neck.”


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