4 Resources for Raising Pro-Life Kids

Have you seen headlines like this?

”Here’s how I baked 200 cookies with just a ballpoint pen and quart of baking soda!”

You likely have. That’s because websites know we love stories about people accomplishing great things with limited resources. Why? Because stories about people overcoming the odds and doing great things with few resources are thrilling—we have to discover how they did it!

Whether it’s the government, your office, or a home project, you know that your access to resources determines success. A lack of resources can doom your efforts before it even starts.

The same is true for raising pro-life kids who love and celebrate life. The right resources can make all the difference in raising a child who chooses life and one who doesn’t.

So here are resources you can leverage to teach your child about the beauty and value of unborn lives.

Resource #1: You!

When you think of resources for your kids, you probably think of something like AP classes or a counselor at your school. You might say something like, “That’s why we love our school district; it has all the resources our kids need to get a good education.”

And it’s true—there are resources for parents seeking to raise pro-life kids. We’ll get to those in a moment!

But let’s not forget that you—yes, you—are the top resource in your child’s life.

You guide just about part of your child’s growth and development. Your presence shapes their physical health, emotional well-being, and spiritual formation.

It begs the question—are you a pro-life influence on your child?

Are you reading the Bible, the story of God’s love for life, with them?

Do you celebrate them, the lives that you’ve helped create?

Do you speak fondly of your pregnancy, emphasizing how much joy your child brings you?

If you’re expecting another child, does your child know that another baby is growing inside you? Do they talk and sing to their new sibling in your belly?

Do you comfort them during their times of sadness and struggle?

In short, are you fully leveraging your influence to raise a pro-life family?

If you’re raising your child with love to the best of your ability, then good news—you’re already making a tremendous impact for life in your child’s heart.

Plus, there are resources outside your home to help instill the pro-life ethic in your kids. But they are not a substitute for the most important resource of all—you.

Don’t worry; we have some content about cultivating a culture of life in your family coming soon.

Resource #2: Your Church

Listen to the stories of those who have left the faith, and you’ll notice a common theme—toxic churches. In fact, it sometimes seems like people don’t really leave the faith or deconvert. Rather, they reject unhealthy communities and everything they stand for.

And if you listen to stories of people who have become Christians or returned to the faith, you’ll almost always find warm and healthy churches that welcome wounded and wandering hearts.

That’s because the church and Christianity will forever be synonymous. What people think about Christians, they’ll also think about Christianity.

That’s why the church is a crucial resource for raising pro-life kids. Their perception of Christianity—and the pro-life ethic—will largely be determined by their church experience.

So for a church to be a resource for raising pro-life kids, it must meet two criteria…

It must be a healthy community—that means a culture that empowers women to choose life no matter the circumstance and welcomes pregnant moms without judgment.
It must be serious about the Bible—God’s story of love, life, and redemption must take center stage.

Why? Because your kids might actually enjoy attending a church like that. They might make friends there and find mentors who share their values. Your kids might learn the ins and outs of the Christian worldview and the pro-life ethic. They might even see the beauty of faith in action!

Plus, churches tend to have connections to local pro-life organizations. Your kids might get firsthand experience blessing women with unplanned pregnancies!

And that’s not counting the summer camps, Sunday School classes, and discipleship groups dedicated to fostering a love of Christ and life in your child.

It’s from that soil that a pro-life worldview can grow and flourish. Find a local, healthy, and Bible-believing church, get involved, and lay down roots as best you can.

Resource #3: Christian Education

Everyone has heard about what’s getting taught in public schools these days. If you’re a parent who wants to ensure that your child is protected from pro-abortion messaging, then it might be time to consider a Christian Education.

Sending your child to a Christian school help expose your child to a robust Christian worldview. Christian schools and homeschool curriculums often involve apologetics courses, debate classes, and philosophy programs designed to help your child think critically about the messages they hear from the culture. They’ll encounter secular ideas and how the Gospel speaks to them.

Just know that this option is for everyone—not every family can afford the expense of private education. Think of it as an extra layer of insulation, not a silver bullet!

Resource #4: Pro-life Organizations

You may not know it, but you’re surrounded by pro-life education opportunities for your kids. That’s because your town is likely full of organizations on the frontline of the fight for life.

Normally, they take the form of Pregnancy Health Clinics. And you better believe that they need all the help they can get! What better way for your child to learn what it means to be pro-life than by seeing your commitment to the cause?

Whether it’s babysitting, front-desk work, mentorship, or teaching career classes, your child can accompany you and meet families in unexpected pregnancies. It’s sure to spark conversations about life, abortion, and the plight of women with unplanned pregnancies.

In addition, pro-life organizations often create educational resources aimed at kids and high schoolers. For instance, you can find books, t-shirts, videos, worksheets, and stickers aimed at youngsters at ProLifeKids.com. You can also pre-order Little Spark of Life: A Celebration of Born and Preborn Human Life to read with your child.

For older kids, The Matter of Life documentary, the book Unplanned Grace: A Compassionate Conversation on Life and Choice, and Save the Storks’ free Start Course share compelling stories and ideas about abortion and women choosing life. The movie Unplanned is a gripping inside look into the abortion industry that’s suitable for most high schoolers.

You can also work through the Reimagining Pro-Life: 30 Days with Save the Storks devotional with your child. This is perfect if you have a high school-aged daughter seeking to understand the pro-life ethic on a practical level. Best of all, it’s completely free!

Remember—you, the parent, are the greatest resource in your child’s life. Church, schools, and books have their place. But they aren’t a substitute for you. They pale in comparison to the role you play in raising a life-loving child. After all, who decides what church your child attends or what books they read?

So start by becoming a resource for life! Cultivate a culture of life in your family. Celebrate your kids. Make it clear that you’re glad they exist, that you’re grateful for their lives.

Then, tap into the resources around. Find a good church. Dig in deep. Explore options for Christian education. Leverage pro-life organizations for books and volunteer opportunities.

And above all, pray. There are no guarantees that your child will grow into a pro-life Christian. All you can do is steward the resources God has given you to raise your child in the fear and admonition of the Lord. The rest is in His hands!


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