Pregnant in College, Sarah Found Our Mobile Medical Clinic

Sarah was a college freshman and just 18 years old when she began her second semester. Her world revolved around classes, late-night study sessions, and new friendships. But all that changed when she took a pregnancy test on a cold January morning, and the result was positive. Overwhelmed with shock, she didn’t know what to do next. Her boyfriend, John, stood by her, offering support no matter her decision. She was terrified to tell her family. Pregnant in college, Sarah felt isolated, convinced that abortion was her only escape from what seemed like an impossible situation.

Sarah came to the mobile medical clinic to get more information and meet with a nurse to discuss her options.

Through tears, Sarah expressed her anxiety about being pregnant in college, “I know my family is going to be disappointed in me. I’m such a people-pleaser. I don’t know if I can tell them about this.”

Getting an abortion to avoid any shame that might derive from telling family members is not unheard of, especially among teenagers.

Finding Hope in Our Mobile Medical Clinic

The nurse on board offered Sarah the reassurance she needed. “Abortion isn’t your only option, Sarah. Life will be more challenging no matter what, but ‘difficult’ doesn’t mean ‘impossible.’ Even if you keep the baby, you can still finish school. We’re here to support you through this.”

During the overwhelming stress of unexpectedly becoming pregnant in college, women often need the reassurance that they can overcome what seems impossible. They need to hear words of encouragement and experience the tangible support that every nurse and advocate in our mobile medical clinic (MMC) provides.

After discussing her options, Sarah was taken back to the ultrasound room. Here, she saw her beautiful baby already kicking and moving her arms. “There’s a little person inside me!” Sarah said, smiling and looking up at the nurse. “Yes!” the nurse replied. And look at them—they’re having the time of their lives!” The baby gave a big kick and punch as if they agreed with the nurse.

*The mobile medical clinic pictured is not specific to the story location.

This encounter with our mobile medical clinic and the ultrasound of her baby solidified Sarah’s decision. Despite her fears, she found the courage to leave the MMC that day and share her pregnancy with her family. The conversation wasn’t easy.

Sarah Tells Her Parents the News

When she returned, Sarah told the nurse about her conversation. While her mother supported her, her father refused to speak to her after hearing the news. “It hurt to tell them about it, but it feels like I have a huge weight off my chest,” she said. At the end of the appointment, she thanked the staff for taking the time to encourage her through this dark part of her life. Despite the challenges ahead, Sarah decided to keep her baby, embracing the journey of motherhood with a heart full of hope, thanks to the nurses and advocates at the mobile medical clinic. Sarah now receives prenatal care and eagerly awaits the day she will meet her little one.

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