Pregnant at 20: Madi’s Unplanned Pregnancy Story

Madi’s Unplanned Pregnancy Story

She played a season of college soccer, unaware of the life growing inside her.

When Madi was 20, she thought she knew what her story would look like. She studied elementary education at Colorado Christian University and played D2 soccer with some of her best friends. She had a boyfriend of two years, Trey, and her life was going according to her plan. After her Junior year, Madi decided this would be her last year playing soccer. She planned to transfer to a college closer to her hometown in Fruita, Colorado. Madi was babysitting for her uncle in Denver when she noticed something was off. Madi was always an athlete, keeping in the best shape throughout high school. So she did not bat an eye when her menstrual cycle was irregular. Missing your period, feeling nauseous, or bloating are all common signs that you’re pregnant. When Madi explained similar symptoms to a friend, her friend suggested what seemed impossible “Do you think you could be pregnant?”

Madi was shocked; she had never considered the possibility. She went alone to the store to grab a pregnancy test. She was surprised and flooded with emotions when she saw those two blue lines. This was the beginning of her unplanned pregnancy story.

“I was shocked. I didn’t want to have to tell my parents,” Madi recalls.

Opening Up About An Early Unplanned Pregnancy

It’s a feeling many young women in similar situations can relate to. An initial hesitation to share the news with loved ones due to the fear of shame or embarrassment.

Despite her reservations, Madi found the courage to confide in her sister. Her sister stood by her side as she prepared to break the news to her parents.

Madi was brave and open with her parents, but many young women dealing with unplanned pregnancies feel compelled to hide their situations. They might consider seeking abortions discreetly without involving their parents, as Planned Parenthood encourages. This is why it’s so crucial for parents to foster a pro-life mindset in their children. Parents must engage in open discussions about abortion. By doing so, fewer teenagers are likely to rely solely on information from Planned Parenthood and undergo abortions in isolation.

When Madi told her parents, they were shocked and teary but never shamed or condemned her. Her parents responded with love and support, letting her know they would help her figure this out.

“My parents were loving, gracious, accepting, and supportive. That was the feeling they gave me from the minute they found out, which was a blessing,” Madi recounts.

The Father’s Role in Unplanned Pregnancy

When Madi told the father, Trey, he picked up everything and moved to Madi’s hometown within the week. He found a job, never swayed, and never blamed Madi or the baby. Trey faced more pressure than Madi when he shared news of the pregnancy. Many people asked Trey, “What are you guys going to do? What’s your choice?” but he never wavered in his support and excitement for the baby to come. Trey’s steadfast support is an excellent example of the father’s incredible role to play in an unplanned pregnancy story.

The First Ultrasound

Like many women, including those who step into our Mobile Medical Clinics, for Madi, the pregnancy didn’t feel REAL until the ultrasound.

“When you see the two lines on the pregnancy test, it’s easy to throw that around, but when you see the picture. You can see that this little being has a heart and is so separate from you. It makes you wonder about who they are and who God will make them be. It’s so mind-blowing and makes your heart burst. It was unbelievable to think that that was happening inside my belly, and I had no idea.”

Madi was shocked when the nurse told her she was about 20 weeks pregnant. Because Madi was so far along in her pregnancy, her first ultrasound showed more than just a heartbeat. She saw fingers, toes, the spine, and her son, Crew, sucking his thumb from inside the womb. Unfortunately, late-term abortion after 22 weeks (about 5 months) is still legal in Colorado. When Madi looks back at her ignorance of the pregnancy, she laughs, “I was so young and naive,” she added. Discovering a pregnancy this late is not uncommon; in the Turnaway Study, almost half of the individuals who experienced delays in obtaining an abortion until 20 weeks responded that they didn’t know they were pregnant.

When Madi saw her ultrasound and the life growing inside of her, she was no longer a pregnant 20-year-old; she was a mother who would do anything for her baby.

Madi reflects on the beauty and the weight of seeing her first ultrasound, “It’s this precious baby, and you are the steward of their life until they take their first breath of air. It’s undeniable.”

An Unplanned Pregnancy Story: Giving Birth

Another big turning point for both Madi and Trey was the moment their first son, Crew, was born.

“It was hard at that point to feel like this was supposed to be a part of my story; I just feel like I hadn’t fully embraced it. I was worried about Trey, and I was worried about my baby. The minute Crew was born, and we saw him, we were just like, ‘Wow, this is the life I’ve been entrusted to; I’m going to do the best I can. I felt this innate responsibility like God is giving me this baby; I want to do everything I can to protect and love them. It’s such a heavyweight but such a beautiful thing to have.”

With the help of Madi and Trey’s family and community, the challenge of an unplanned pregnancy became a beautiful blessing.

Life After Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

Madi and Trey married shortly after Crew was born and had three more children. They are now a family of six with Crew, age 10; Nola, age 7; Camp, age five and Pep, age 1. Madi’s story is a powerful reminder of how support from friends and family can impact a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy. Although Madi’s story wasn’t what she planned, God worked things for good and provided people that supported and championed her through her choice for life. We asked Madi for her advice to other young women facing unplanned pregnancies, and she said,

“Love always beats out fear. Remember that you’re loved. I have had so many mentors, pastors, and friends who have encouraged me. There are so many people you don’t even know who will love you and show up for you.”

For any woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, there is support. There is always hope for an unplanned pregnancy story like Madi’s because of the support provided at Women’s Clinics and our Mobile Medical Clinics. With over 95 Mobile Medical Clinics on the road and Women’s Clinics across the US, there are resources for women facing unplanned pregnancies. If you or someone you know needs love and support, you can visit our website to find the nearest Mobile Medical Clinic or Women’s Clinic near you.

1 John 4:18

“There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.”


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