Becky’s Story: Pregnant in High School

Becky was 18 and pregnant in high school when she stumbled upon our mobile medical clinic at a local event. When she asked about scheduling an appointment, she didn’t expect to be offered an ultrasound on the spot in our mobile medical clinic — a moment that would ultimately lead to a decision that would change her life forever.

The Mobile Medical Clinic Parked at a Local Event

This life-affirming women’s clinic was invited to participate in a community event at the local Department of Social Services (DSS) office. The event focused on providing resources to women and children in need. The team brought along the mobile medical clinic, aiming to connect with the community and demonstrate the availability of free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. During the event, they encountered Becky.

Pregnant in High School

Becky approached the table quietly, examining the information laid out. The team explained that they offered pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. Becky shared that she hadn’t decided what she would do due to her pregnancy and asked if she could schedule an ultrasound in the clinic for the future. With the mobile medical clinic (MMC) on-site, they could perform the ultrasound immediately. When they offered, Becky was surprised, but she said yes. After speaking with Becky inside the MMC, the staff learned that she was 18 years old, still in high school, and living with her grandmother due to her mother’s frequent incarcerations. The team walked her through the entire process, answering her questions about pregnancy and addressing her concerns.

The Ultrasound Experience

Becky had many questions during the ultrasound, her hands trembling as she approached the table. When asked if she wanted the TV monitor turned on, she agreed. As the ultrasound began, Becky watched the screen, tears streaming down her face. Concerned, the team offered to stop, but she insisted, “No, I was running out of time on my decision.” Becky revealed more, adding, “I don’t have a lot of support, and the baby’s father broke up with me.” Given her situation—still in high school, without a job, and no support from her father—Becky felt that abortion might be her only option. She knew now was the time to make a life-changing decision.

A Life-Changing Decision

The ultrasound revealed the baby’s heartbeat, which Becky could listen to. She asked for pictures of the baby. Staff on the MMC could tell Becky was touched by what she saw. After the ultrasound, she asked, “How can I do this—have the baby and keep it?”

The team explained that they offered an educational program where she could receive support every Tuesday. They informed her that the mobile medical clinic was stationed at the same location each Tuesday from 10:00 am to 1:30 pm. Becky eagerly signed up for the program. After her time on the MMC, Becky knew she had the support she needed to choose life.

The Role of Support from the Community

Since her encounter at our mobile medical clinic, Becky continued attending her appointments every week after school and is on track to graduate in May.

Eventually, Becky had her baby boy named Zander. When Becky is in school, Zander is in daycare. After high school, she plans to attend the local community college. Becky shared with her friends at her school about the mobile medical clinic and the staff who supported her. The staff at this MMC was honored to walk beside Becky and help support her through her pregnancy and after.

The Mobile Medical Clinic That Changed Everything

“If it weren’t for our Mobile Medical Clinic (MMC), we might never have met Becky and her sweet baby,” reflected one staff member. Thanks to the clinic’s presence at the community event, they could meet Becky precisely when she needed support. The MMC’s mobility allowed them to provide crucial resources when Becky grappled with her decision to be pregnant in high school. With the help and support offered, Becky chose life and decided to parent her son, Zander.

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