Pregnant in College, Sarah Found Our Mobile Medical Clinic

Sarah was a college freshman and just 18 years old when she began her second semester. Her world revolved around classes, late-night study sessions, and new friendships. But all that changed when she took a pregnancy test on a cold January morning, and the result was positive. Overwhelmed with shock, she didn’t know what to […]

Should June be Pro-Life Month?

We are on the eve of celebrating our second anniversary of perhaps the most monumental moment in pro-life history. June 24, 2022, marked a turning point for the pro-life movement when the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case. This decision ended fifty years of federal […]

Life-Affirming Online Chat

Can you imagine what an online chat between a 14-year-old seeking an abortion and Planned Parenthood would be like? This is just a glimpse of an online chat between our staff member and Planned Parenthood’s 24/7 chat with a ‘Health Educator.’ Our staff member posed as a 14-year-old girl in California in the chat. To […]

RCRC Paid for Her Abortion, She Changed Her Mind

Toni sat in the surgery room of the abortion clinic with an IV in her arm. At 20 years old, she discovered she was pregnant. She was afraid, and she had been desperate to abort despite being further into her pregnancy. Toni was from Houston, Texas, where abortion is illegal. At the advice of her […]

Save the Storks is Reshaping Holistic Healthcare

At Save the Storks, we are dedicated to creating innovative solutions to dismantle barriers hindering women’s access to life-affirming healthcare. Our goal is to empower women to choose life over abortion by making the option of life more accessible. Here are the four elements that build our mission to provide every woman with the holistic […]