Pro Life Meaning: What Does It Mean to Be Pro Life?

Pro Life Meaning


At Save the Storks, we believe in being very clear on pro life meaning – being pro life means being for-life. We’re for women, for men, for moms, and dads. Babies, toddlers, and teens. We’re for families. Being pro life means being for every life. Being pro life is empowering women and men to choose life for their baby. Pro-life is supporting a mom facing an unplanned pregnancy and giving her the option to make an educated choice to raise her baby, or to put the baby up for adoption.

We believe that life begins at conception. Our belief is that no matter what, a mom should choose life. We believe that no matter what, the church and local community should come alongside every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy and show her love and compassion and provide the help she needs.

They showed me who I was through God’s eyes. They showed me my unborn child, the child who needed me to be strong and choose life.” Hannah, Tennessee

We Pray For Abortion to Become Unthinkable in Our Lifetime.

Save the Storks doesn’t condemn women and men who have sadly chosen abortion. In fact, we lovingly support each individual with compassion and grace. We connect them with local pregnancy resource centers to help them in their healing and post-abortion recovery.

We are not politically active. But we are actively working to change hearts and minds.
We pray for our leaders and know that God will provide His direction for our country and the world. We work to get the truth out about what it means to be pro-life. Whether or not Roe vs Wade is overturned, we pray for abortion to become unthinkable in our lifetime.

67% of ALL Americans believe that life begins at or before the heartbeat.

Save the Storks Market Study of Pro-life/Pro-Choice, Magid Research, June 2019


pro life meaning

The pro-life movement is not simply “anti-abortion,” which implies that the pro-life movement cares only about pre born lives. The pro-life movement does care deeply for pre born babies, but equally cares for children who have been born in difficult circumstances and their mothers. [READ MORE]

pro life meaning

It is important to understand that the pro life meaning does not necessarily mean that we are always against the taking of every life ever. There are many pro-life people who believe that a life may be justly taken under certain circumstances. Although some pro-life individuals may believe that taking any life is always wrong. [READ MORE]

pro life meaning

While many in the spotlight are throwing their support and money behind Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion chain, there are still celebrities who have chosen to use their influence for good. Check out this list of ten celebrities who are speaking out against abortion. [READ MORE]

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