Famous R&B Singer Reveals Dark Truths of the Music Industry – “Have an Abortion or Leave the Group”

Tamika Scott, member of the popular 1990s R&B group, Xscape, revealed that the management team tried to pressure her to have an abortion when she became pregnant at the height of the group’s fame.

On a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the singer said, “They gave me an ultimatum to stay in the group or have an abortion.”

Cohen asked Tamika if the group rallied around her during her pregnancy. She responded by saying, “Everybody was mad. They were mad at me because we were ready to make it and now I’m pregnant so I had to make a choice and I made a choice. I stood for what I believe and God blessed me.”

“Did they give you trouble for making the choice you made?”

Her sister, LaTocha Scott, who was also in the group, chimed in, saying the management team tried to kick Tamika out of the group. LaTocha said that if they kicked Tamika out, she would leave too.

Tamika brought the conversation to a close by light-heartedly saying, “I still outdanced them. I outdid everything that I needed to do when I was pregnant with my baby and was ready for tour afterwards.”

Despite being pressured and not having the support she needed, Tamika still chose life. Not only did she give birth to her now 23-year-old daughter, O’Shun, she also continued to have successful career in music. 

Group member Kandi Burruss added that in the ’90s, it wasn’t uncommon for record labels to put pressure on female artists facing unplanned pregnancies. “Nowadays,” Kandi said, “people have ‘baby bump alert’ and everybody’s excited, but they weren’t like that in the ’90s.”

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