Police Officer Meets Pregnant Drug Addict and Adopts Her Baby on the Spot

The pro-life community often receives criticism from pro-choicers for only being “pro-birth” or, in other words, only caring about lives in the womb and not the lives of those who are born into difficult circumstances. But it’s incredible stories like this that are proving that claim to be untrue.

When Albequerque police officer Ryan Holets met Crystal Champ, she was sitting with a man behind a convenience store, injecting his arm with heroine. Holets turned his body camera on and approached the couple.

Soon after he confronted the couple, Champ put her hand on her stomach, notifying Holets she was pregnant. When asked how far along she was, she replied that she was 7 or 8 months. Holets was shocked, saying “It’s not everyday that I see a sight like that. And it just made me really sad.” 

In an interview with CNN, Champ explained she has battled addiction since she was a teenager and has been homeless for more than two years. Drugs control Champ’s entire life as she spends $50 a day on heroin. Despite several attempts to get clean, Champ has given up—“I did give up. I just decided this was going to be my life,” Champ said. “It just keeps coming back and ruining my life.”

Champ initially felt judged by Holets, saying “How dare you judge me? You have no idea how hard this is.” But then Holets had an idea that would completely change both of their lives.

In that moment, Holets told Champ that he and his wife would adopt the baby. He said, “Realizing she was desperately wanting someone to adopt her baby, I just felt God telling me, ‘Tell her that you will do it, because you can.'” He added, “I’ve gotten tired of seeing so may situations where I want to help but can’t. And, in that moment, I realized that I had a chance to help.”


Champ’s attitude towards Holets completely changed—“In that instant, the moment changed. His entire being changed. He just became a human being instead of a police officer.”

Holets showed Champ a photo of his wife and four kids, including their 10-month-old baby. Champ agreed to place her baby with Holets and his family. He quickly drove a few miles away to meet his wife, Rebecca, at a going away party for a friend. It was there he told her the news. She didn’t once hesitate, knowing adoption was something God was eventually calling them to.

Three weeks later, Champ gave birth to a little girl. Holets and his wife feel she was destined to be in their family. They named her Hope.

Despite suffering through withdrawals, Hope is getting the medical care she needs and has joined a loving family who will support her through whatever trials she might face.

Champ is grateful for this incredible gift, saying, “There needs to be more people like Ryan and his wife and their family in this world.”