Is Planned Parenthood Copying Save the Storks?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but we don’t like seeing how similar Planned Parenthood’s abortion clinics look to our Save the Storks mobile medical clinics. Planned Parenthood, which once labeled mobile medical clinics like ours as “fake clinics,” is now deploying its own mobile units across the United States. However, unlike […]

Becky’s Story: Pregnant in High School

Becky was 18 and pregnant in high school when she stumbled upon our mobile medical clinic at a local event. When she asked about scheduling an appointment, she didn’t expect to be offered an ultrasound on the spot in our mobile medical clinic — a moment that would ultimately lead to a decision that would […]

Pregnant in College, Sarah Found Our Mobile Medical Clinic

Sarah was a college freshman and just 18 years old when she began her second semester. Her world revolved around classes, late-night study sessions, and new friendships. But all that changed when she took a pregnancy test on a cold January morning, and the result was positive. Overwhelmed with shock, she didn’t know what to […]

Facing Her Third Trimester Alone, Maddie Found Hope in Our MMC

It was a beautiful day in Los Banos when the mobile medical clinic (MMC) was parked at a church. The day was slow at first, but the staff on board waited in anticipation. Moments later, a woman named Maddie found the MMC and stepped inside.   A Young Pregnant Woman in Need of Support Maddie, a […]

How Our Mobile Medical Clinic Changed Michelle’s Story

Our mobile medical clinics (MMC) offer a chance at life in the most unlikely of places. By meeting women where they are, we can offer immediate assistance and build relationships that empower them to make life-affirming decisions. This is what happened to Michelle and her partner Jason as they came upon our MMC in a […]

Mobile Medical Clinic Deliveries for 2024

Since 2012, the Mobile Medical Clinic has been at the forefront of Save the Storks’ mission, offering revolutionary services. This cutting-edge unit provides women with free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STI testing, and compassionate support from licensed medical professionals. In 2024, we kicked off our Mobile Medical Clinic deliveries with the addition of a new bus […]

RCRC Paid for Her Abortion, She Changed Her Mind

Toni sat in the surgery room of the abortion clinic with an IV in her arm. At 20 years old, she discovered she was pregnant. She was afraid, and she had been desperate to abort despite being further into her pregnancy. Toni was from Houston, Texas, where abortion is illegal. At the advice of her […]

Maria’s Story: Pregnant and Alone in a New Country

*Names of mother and baby in this story have been changed for privacy. When Maria scheduled an appointment at the Women’s Resource Center (WRC) of Crawfordsville, Indiana, her goal was simple – to find out if she was expecting. New to the United States, the possibility of being pregnant and alone was daunting. It brought […]

Mobile Medical Clinic Rescues a Satanic Temple Sex Trafficking Victim

Trigger Warning: This story includes references to satanic ritual abortion, rape, abuse, and murder.*The names of women, ministries, and states have been changed or undisclosed for safety purposes. Haley’s Story (trigger warning*) *The following paragraphs contain content that might trigger or upset some audiences. At 18, Haley had already been pregnant four times. Of her […]

Journey of Stork Bus #100

In September 2012, Save the Storks began with the vision of a country where women could be empowered to make educated choices with the help of our Mobile Medical Clinic. Twelve years later, our 100th mobile medical clinic is finally here! We are so excited, grateful, and in awe of what the Lord has done […]

Mobile Medical Clinic Deliveries for 2023

The Mobile Medical Clinic is a revolutionary unit and Save the Storks’ mission provider since 2012. This state-of-the-art MMC provides women with free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, STI testing, and unbridled support from a licensed medical professional. We’ve started 2023 Mobile Medical Clinic deliveries strong with an additional Mobile Medical Clinic for Bridge Women’s Center in […]